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Pretty Pink Bridal Shower Party Ideas

Pink sachet bags

A bridal shower is an exciting occasion to go all out using colors and patterns with a feminine feel. One option is to create a party awash with pretty pink details and decorations. Visual interest will come in varied patterns—from florals to stripes to gingham checks to polka-dots. These will keep the decor from looking plain and bland, and make the table accents and guest favors pop. As an additional detail, edible items that come in pink may serve as tasty treats as well as colorful elements.

Be Hip with a Floral Pattern in Pink and Brown

Pairing pink and chocolate brown makes for an unexpected, yet charming color combination. Chocolate brown in particular coordinates perfectly with any shade of pink, from baby pink to vibrant fuchsia. These colors look especially stylish when showcased in a floral pattern. For instance, a classic pink damask tablecloth can be laid with porcelain dinnerware embellished with romantic florals and topped with pastel pink napkins, while a centerpiece consisting of pink gerbera daisies housed in white ceramic vases can be surrounded with ivory heart-shaped containers adorned with a chocolate brown ribbons. Finally, as an added treat for guests, prepare a dessert table with festive displays of candy and pastries in sweet hues of pink and brown.

Go Chic Using Hot Pink and Black Stripes

Ribbon wrapped paperweights
Silver heart-shaped paperweights tied with hot pink ribbons may hold down a welcome note or the occasion’s menu, then be taken home as something practical yet special.

Hot pink and black is an alluring combination for a bridal shower color palette. These colors look appealing in striped patterns that add a cosmopolitan appeal to the occasion. Stripes are an easy way to introduce this color palette into the shower’s decorations—beginning with a silky black tablecloth as the backdrop for each table. Use glass to infuse that extra edge with clear, square glass chargers set with chic plates accompanied by striped hot pink napkins. For shower favors, a welcome note or the event’s menu can be held down at each place setting using a paperweight tied with a hot pink ribbon. With the addition of a name card tied to each ribbon, these weights can even do triple service as seating card holders.

Have Fun with a Gingham Pink Pattern

Pink flowers in pots
Miniature pink or ivory flowerpots can each hold a place card amidst baby pink roses.

For an afternoon tea party with a country feel, a classic gingham pattern sets the tone for an intimate and informal affair. Gingham immediately creates the image of a bright country kitchen, and pairing a pink gingham pattern with hints of yellow or lavender further heightens that warm appeal.

Since gingham can be a complex pattern, use it in moderation. For example, a simple white tablecloth can feature a pink and white checkered trim, with round gingham-patterned place mats laid at each place setting. Pink or ivory pots of flowers can serve as decorative favors.

Go Pretty With Pink and White Polka-dots

Pink favor bags
Flower-shaped sachets—with pink petals, of course—are a sweet and classy way to present keepsakes.

The combination of pink and white lends itself perfectly to clean geometric patterns, such as stripes, checks, and of course polka-dots. To mimic a whimsical polka-dot effect in a shower table setting, scatter pink and white confetti on the tablecloth or lay paper cutouts of circles in pink and white amidst the table décor. A scrumptious centerpiece could be made out of edible items, such as cupcakes with pink and white frosting arranged on a multi-tiered platter. For a touch of elegance amidst the whimsy, present colorful bags filled with some pink candy coated chocolates.

A bridal shower party traditionally means a “ladies only” guest list. So the occasion seems tailor-made for sweet and feminine decor with pink as the base color. The mood may vary, however, as pink is contrasted with white, brown, or even black; and as it is applied in patterns such as stripes, florals, gingham, and polka-dots. Clearly, when used with taste and style, pink can prove to be a delightfully versatile base for a bridal shower color palette.

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  1. This pretty pink bridal shower party ideas are great for our friend who is crazy about pink and will get married this August 2009.

  2. I am planning a lingerie bridal shower for my sister in law. I need an idea for a centerpiece. The colors are hot pink and black. The Grandmaothers will be at the shower so keep it clean please. The bride hates flowers.


  3. Craft stores sell oversized martini glasses. You can use those filled with water (dyed any color) with floating candles or fill them with little things that go with your theme (for ours we’re filling them with plastic diamonds.

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