Makeup and Styling Tips for Brides in Eyeglasses!

For the Bride who Normally Wears Glasses

Feeling comfortable and looking like yourself are major factors in being beautiful on your wedding day! So if eyeglasses are part of your look, by all means keep them as a distinctive bridal accessory. Scores of bespectacled brides have shown how to pull this off—in styles ranging from classic to quirky, from retro to boho. If they can do it, so can you! See our makeup tips and bridal style ideas, too, for being gorgeous in glasses.

Did YOU wear glasses as a bride? Do share your story and your styling tips!

Bridal Style Ideas for Bespectacled Brides

Aside from the eye glasses themselves, there are other style elements that can contribute to the overall look you plan to don on your wedding day.

  1. Make shopping for a brand new pair of glasses part of your trousseau planning! And do keep your bridal dress in mind when you go optical shop hopping.
  2. Consider the style, color, shape and size of eyewear that will complement not just your face, but the bridal style and theme you have chosen.
  3. For a retro look, cat’s eyes frames would be cool; just as colored frames in blush pink, white, red, blue, green, or tortoise shell could be part of a vintage, boho, playful or whimsical style statement.
  4. Looser, more casual, even tousled hairstyles tend to suit a bride-in-glasses look—not so much the traditional pulled-back bridal bun.
  5. In place of a traditional veil, a birdcage veil, fascinator, simple floral crown or no headpiece at all might be a better complement to your glasses and gown.
  6. Minimal jewelry is also suggested—perhaps simple diamond stud earrings and a lovely bracelet—to avoid an overly fussy effect.

Makeup Tips for Looking Beautiful in Glasses

Wearing glasses draws attention to your eyes, rather than hides them. So plan your wedding day makeup carefully, and have trial sessions done ahead of time.

Tip #1: Define your eyes with a thin liner, whether pencil, liquid or gel. Don’t feel you need to overdo it, because of your glasses.

Tip #2: Apply eye shadow in neutral shades that flatter your eye color and skin tone, and that contour and deepen your eyelids.

Tip #3: Of course, if color is a vital element in your bridal style, feel free to apply eye shadow in blue, green or purple shades or even metallic finishes and shimmery highlights.

Tip #4: If you wish to wear false eyelashes, do a trial with natural-length ones to be sure they don’t brush against the eyeglass lenses and cause discomfort. Or consider using lash-building mascara instead.

Tip #5: Don’t overlook your lips and cheeks. Experiment with lip color to get the desired overall effect—a bold red shade, a nude lip, or a soft blush tint? Choose a powder, gel or cream blush for a natural glow to complete your bridal beauty style.

Walk Down the Aisle, Gorgeous in Glasses

Get these 5 styles for inspiration. See how you can wear your glasses and still look gorgeous!

Makeup and Styling Tips for Brides in Eye Glasses
Photo credits: 1 – Becca Rillo Photography, via Tasteful Tatters / 2 – Ryan Green Photography, via Offbeat Bride / 3 – Danielle Poff, via Ruffled / 4 – Igloo Photo Wedding Photography, via Love My Dress / 5 – Yorkshire Eyewear Bespoke Frames by Karen Louise at Bridal Eyewear)

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  1. Dee W. (Bride 2018 Spring)

    I am really torn whether to wear my glasses or not. Most of of my friends have said to try contacts instead. This is because I plan to have a floral crown and they think that it would look funny with my spectacles on. Can you offer up a suggestion to this? Would making the floral crown smaller and less abominable be it.

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