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10 Dazzling Fall Color Palettes to Suit Your Wedding Style

Fall hues by Bellenza

As if we don’t already love fall for weddings, here are even more reasons to look forward to the coziest season of the year. Ten reasons, in fact! Ten palettes of the most gorgeous autumn color combos that you can wrap your wedding day up in. And they’re all yours for the choosing—as we present our series on Fall Wedding Color Palettes throughout the month. And to let you in on our excitement, here’s a ‘color swatch’ peek into what the series will offer!

Autumn Hues for an Array of Wedding Looks

Get ready to be captivated by the color pairs and trios we’ve prepared. Four of them are just brimming with charm for a rustic, country, or woodsy fall wedding. Another three project a modern flair, whether bold or muted. And the final three are all about rich, classic elegance.

Style: Rustic / Country / Woodsy
Color Combinations:
Cranberry + Yellow/Gold
Orange + Green + Mustard
Brown + Teal
Red + Brown + White

Hues for a rustic fall country wedding in cranberry and gold, and other color combinations using red, brown, and teal.

Style: Modern
Color Combinations:
Purple + Orange
Teal + Gray + Yellow
Peach + Plum

Hues for a modern fall wedding in purple and orange, teal, gray, and yellow, and peach and plum

Style: Vintage-chic /Classic-elegance
Color Combinations:
Red/Burgundy + Beige
Ivory + Gray + Brown
Blush + Gold + Burgundy/Crimson

Hues for a vintage wedding in color combinations of red, burgundy, blush, gray, and crimson.

Just wait till you see the individual posts in the series. Finding a favorite palette is sure to be a challenge!


  1. my daughter wants peach and teal/aqua wedding had to move to fall now.need ideas to maybe incorporate these colors into fall. Maybe some deep colors too. We already have teal mason jars.

  2. Hello Kristie! Teal is a very stylish color, and to create a fall wedding palette, we’d suggest pairing it with burnished ‘metallic’ tones like copper, bronze, or even a matte gold. Then, since your daughter wants peach as well, that can be used for pops of color in the bridesmaids’ bouquets, the table centerpieces (using your teal mason jars), and maybe the wedding cake. 🙂

  3. Hello,
    My wedding is in November of this year. What are your suggestions on dark purple, gold, ivory, and blush pink or perhaps peach?. I really love these colors just need to know if they would flow.

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