3 Truly Tropical Table Ideas for a Caribbean-style Wedding Celebration

Caribbean-style table setting

Who doesn’t dream of the Caribbean as an ultimate luxe vacation spot? So why not bring its exotic allure to your wedding party table display? For the “right” combination of elements for that Caribbean look and feel, simply keep in mind three key points:

Color, color, color! – in hues of green, orange, and yellow
Organic textures – from natural materials such as sinamay, wood, leaves, and straw
Tropical decor touches – taking a cue from the Caribbean with shapely, exotic, and patterned objects as table elements

Be Inspired with Elements of the Caribbean

Ready for some easy and inspirational ideas? See how these key points are used below—and get ideas for your own Caribbean-inspired wedding party!

1. The Place Settings – Say “Welcome to the Caribbean!” with place settings with that tropical/organic vibe. As placemats or table runners, lay out raw sinamay or other natural-fiber fabrics on the tabletop. Contrast classic white dinner plates with wooden chargers—both square in shape and cleverly set at an angle to one another for a chic look. Top these with brightly printed napkins folded in a tropical-inspired shape (spot the pineapple?). And complete the look with pretty place cards in shell-encrusted frames that double as guest favors.

2. The Favors – You’ve seen the shell frames that double as place card holders and guest favors. Now, try edible favors—in tropical fruit flavors and colors, of course! Mini favor baskets in sleek silver provide a surprising contrast to the table’s organic look, and will make fun party favors to take home. The heart-shaped woven boxes in photo 3 are another lovely favor packaging/place card idea as these boxes can be reused to hold toiletries or trinkets.

3. The Colors and Textures – Think “exuberant tropical carnival,” then bring in the colors and decor touches to match. Use bold yellows, oranges, and greens—both in solids and in playful prints—to immediately set a fun-loving, celebratory mood. Toss in natural textures and hues with wood, straw, leaves, raw-fiber fabrics, and berries, plus sinamay boxes holding mango-shaped place cards.
Need more tips?
– Lay out a boldly-colored table cloth, like our golden yellow one here.
– Serve tropical drinks in sunny citrus colors.
– Use banana leaves as plate liners to add verdant hues.
– Bring in vibrant finishing touches like bright orange ribbons and strings of multi-colored beads.
– Decorate the table with tropical fruits such as pineapples, bananas, and mangoes. A sure budget-pleaser, too!

See how the fun of a Caribbean-inspired display starts with the decorating? Just wait till the party begins!


  1. breathtaking! makes me want to dress up in tropicana and serve favors !
    absolutely carribeanatious!!! simply beautiful!

  2. This is such a cool idea! Those frames are so pretty. You can use them as lovely favors by putting a picture of the bride and groom inside them. Very practical to give, too.

  3. Those heart boxes with the bright orange ribbons are so pretty!

  4. isabel pomales

    my grandauther sweetsixteen is on october she wants a caribbean theme party i need some ideas please

  5. hey
    Im loving these ideas wanted to know if you have anymore ideas to share . im turning 30 and am having a Carriebean themed party but all my guest are wearing white do u have any ideas on how i could decorate the function room.

  6. Hi, Chantelle – Happy 30th birthday! With your guests all in white, i’d suggest either going organic/rustic in the decorations (i.e., cane chairs, basketry, potted palms and lots of greenery) or choosing 2 really bold colors to contrast with the white (e.g., turquoise, hot orange, etc.). It all depends on the ambiance you’d like to create. Enjoy!

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