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A Black Cat Theme: The “Purrfect” Bridal Shower

Black cats cake

A perfect wedding begins with a perfect bridal shower. And having something very dear to your heart as a bridal party theme is the best way to start. If you own at least three cats that you aren’t ashamed to call “baby” in front of others (humans and felines alike!), then why not forgo the usual lingerie theme and go for a chic black cat bridal shower theme! Read on to find out what amazing ideas we have in store for you for a “purrfect” bridal shower party decked out in black, white, and pink. Here’s our handy 7-point checklist.

Pink and black decorations, invitations, and cake for a black cats bridal shower

1. Guest Attire – From every girl’s perspective, dressing-up is probably the most exciting part of party prepping. Set the occasion’s mood by choosing a sassy sheer dress for a hot night! Black Cat Boutique has cat-inspired skater dresses that your girls will surely adore.

2. Invitations – Invitations should also be suitable ‘catty’! Simply choose plain white stationery with black cat prints, like this one from Oh Snap! Photography by Lisa Vergara. We find the black and white tandem simply classy.

3. Themed Accents – Ambiance plays a big part in any party experience, so be sure to fill the place with everything in keeping with the black cat theme. Find creative ways to add images of sexy black cats everywhere, from photos to vases. Weekday Carnival has a string of ideas for you.

4. Dessert – Your desserts can be sweet and simple, such as pink cupcakes topped with little black cat picks, like this one available from etsy shopSweet Kaity. Adorable, isn’t it?

5. Table Setting – Party tables don’t only have to be comfy for eating. They should be lovely to look at, too! Take inspiration from this bridal shower featured on Hostess with the Mostess. The combination of black plates and glasses with a sweet shade of pink is just dazzling!

6. Cake – This sleek, modern cake was designed by Patricia Arribálzaga from Barcelona, Spain. A perfect balance of simplicity and class—with delightful silhouettes of cats at play! Check out Cakes Haute Couture!

7. Venue Décor – Often, it’s the minutest details in the venue decor that add up to how your ladies would remember your bridal shower party years from now. Pretty touches like these DIY polkadot pompoms can spell a total venue makeover!


  1. This is a great theme! Very clever!

  2. Very unique theme and I hope I have occasion to use it. Or, maybe I should do it just because!

  3. Love the stripes and polka dots–Very cute post!

  4. Thanks, Rosemarie! Hope you’re having a great fall. 🙂

  5. Hi Sandra! The ‘black cat’ idea was actually sparked by the Halloween season. But you’re right, it can actually be used any time ‘just because’! 🙂

  6. Thank you, Amy! Not surprised that you spotted the ‘fashion details.’ 🙂

  7. The link posted in the “invitations’ area isn’t working. Where can those invites be purchased?

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