A Black, White and Silver Party: by The Inspired Occasion

The Inspired Occasion feature

We’re so thrilled to be sharing a stylish black, white and silver party setting with you today! It all began with a gracious email from Alex Shaw of The Inspired Occasion offering a submission of one of the parties she had just styled. Of course, we immediately said yes!

Established in Melbourne in 2010, The Inspired Occasion began as a hobby, then evolved into a complete event design and styling service including a full range of delicious treats for personal occasions and corporate events. And this set Alex sent over was for an intimate cocktail party celebrating a 40th birthday. What intrigued us was the palette she had used: a chic black, white and silver combination in everything from the decorations to the desserts.

Light bulb moment! It hit us: wouldn’t this setting be fabulous inspiration for a modern groomsmen’s party, an elegant New Year’s season engagement dinner, or a Hollywood-themed bridal shower? Come and see!

Black, White and Silver Set the Stage

Drinks station

As Alex describes it, “The client chose a colour scheme of Silver, Black and White and wanted a stylish and sophisticated design. There were 25 adult guests and 6 children who attended this very intimate celebration at our client’s beautiful residence.”

So The Inspired Occasion team put together this striking themed beverage station and dessert station for the party. As you can see, much care was taken to have everything in sync with the palette—from the table linens, to the serve ware and glass ware, to the backdrop, all the way to the sweet treats! You’ll get to see more of the details up close below.

The Fabulous Party Menu

For the cocktail party menu, the guests were served a substantial meal box consisting of these scrumptious finger foods: Marinated Lamb Cutlets, San Choi Bow, Chicken and Camembert parcels, Stuffed Chillies, Falafel, Moroccan Chicken Balls, Capsicum and Feta Tarts, Marinated Mushrooms, Tofu Balls, and Individual Singapore Noodle boxes. Quite an international mix! The guests must have been delighted!

The Dessert Station Goodies

Dessert station filled with cake pops and more

In keeping with the client’s chosen theme, Alex points out how the dessert station was styled using a uniquely crafted backdrop with strands of silver beading. Then, this same chic look was extended to matching table runners, cake stands, risers and silver trays. A great way to bring a touch of glitz to the party, don’t you think?

She also shared the yummy Dessert Station menu for the event. You can spot all these goodies in the photos:

  1. White Chocolate Ganache Macarons
  2. Red Velvet Cupcakes
  3. Vanilla Cupcakes
  4. Chocolate Mousse
  5. Cakepops
  6. Black Forest Gateau

Completing the dessert station were two large candy jars filled with Hershey’s Kisses and white chocolate raspberries. And taking center stage was a large Black Forest Gateau, which just happened to be the guest of honor’s favorite!

Dressing Up the Dessert Display

Setting up the dessert table

A great tip we can take away from this event’s styling is keeping within the party palette. In particular, we noted the creative use of silver and black ribbon to dress up the cake and cake pops; metallic-finish accessories and clear glass; silver beading, silver cupcake liners, even silver ganache coating for the pops and macarons!

Another nice idea you could borrow for your own occasion would be the cake cutting table requested by Alex’s client. Normally seen at weddings, it’s actually a practical addition for any celebration! This is where they placed the framed menu card, plates, forks and take home cake bags.

A huge thank you to Alex Shaw for allowing us to share this stylish cocktail party with Bellenza’s readers! You can find more of their exciting party styling ideas from their blog and at their website.

Clearly a full-service event stylist and coordinator, The Inspired Occasion managed the event, organizing finger food catering for both the adults and children, and providing food service staff, cocktail tables and stools, gas heaters, table, chair and linen hire. All dessert station edibles, stationery and themed items were designed and made in-house. And the complete beverage station included drinks dispensers, silver tubs, all glass ware, straws, candles, and a centerpiece.


  1. Thank-you so much for sharing our recent black, white and silver function on your amazing site.

  2. It was our pleasure, Alex! And our honor, too, that you chose to submit your photos and party write-up to Bellenza. Looking forward to seeing more great celebration ideas at The Inspired Occasion! All the best. 🙂

  3. Hello.. I am throwing a Sweet 16 party for my daughter, in june of this year. I would appreciate any ideas on decorating with (metallic) hot pink, black, and silver, that you can give us. we will be decorating a hall.. and the theme will be a “Hollywood Red Carpet Affair”.. Thank you!

  4. Hello Margina — The color palette you’ve chosen is perfect, both for the Hollywood theme and for a Sweet 16 event!

    For decorating ideas, we think the birthday young lady and her guests would love experiencing the red carpet themselves — but using a hot pink carpet instead with a “paparazzi” photo station set up to click away as they enter the party venue! Also at the entrance, you could have a welcome sign with your daughter’s name lighted up with bulbs, just like a Hollywood marquee.

    Then, for the table decorations, have black and silver place settings with hot pink centerpieces (maybe carnations), glittery hot pink stars as place cards, and those director’s clapper boards as table numbers. To get an idea of how this might look, see our Hollywood-themed bridal shower here:


    Hope these suggestions help! 🙂

  5. How did you set up the back drop? I am doing a party this saturday and I have the bling string and i was going to use a black sheet. But I don’t how how to hang them on the wall. Please help

  6. Hi Mia! We didn’t create this set ourselves. But we may be able to suggest something.

    Since you already have the bling string and the black sheet, we’d suggest pinning the end of each string over the top of the sheet (while it’s still down!). Then, you can just fold the top edge of the sheet over a length of wire or nylon cord, and tie the wire or cord to some supports on your wall. Hope this helps! 🙂

  7. Hi Mia! We didn’t create this set ourselves, but maybe we can suggest something.

    Since you already have the bling sting and the black sheet, we suggest that you pin the end of each string to the top edge of the sheet — while it’s still down! Then simply fold that top edge of the sheet over a length of wire or nylon cord and pin it in place. Finally, tie the wire or cord to supports on the wall you plan to use. Hope this helps! 🙂

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