A July 4th Wedding Picnic at Home in Red, White, & Blue!

Styling a 4th of July-inspired Wedding Picnic at Home

There’s just something so fitting about having a 4th of July themed wedding right at home. We envision the exchange of vows underneath a canopy of trees in your backyard. Then, we see the reception as a cozy and inviting red, white and blue picnic decked out in patriotic Americana decorations and serving up themed picnic food and drinks. Best of all, many if not all of the elements can be hand-crafted and homemade, as our inspiring finds below will show. How more heartwarming can a 4th of July wedding be than this?

Styling a 4th of July-inspired Wedding Picnic at Home

Venue Decorations

The ideal setting for this patriotic picnic-reception is, of course, your home backyard (1). Lay out red and blue blankets on the grass, and provide comfy throw pillows in Americana prints and patterns. Remember, though, not everyone may be comfortable seated on the ground (think of Grandpa and Grandma!). So have picnic tables on hand decorated in patriotic style as well.

For overhead decor, take advantage of available structures like your house porch, the roof eaves facing the picnic area, perhaps a garden trellis or the surrounding trees. Use these to attach stars-and-stripes bunting (2), hang red and blue lanterns, or suspend garlands of paper stars.

American flags propped up in baskets, tied to tree branches, or standing on dowels in the ground are other instantly doable ways to spark the July 4th spirit!

Homemade Ideas for a July 4 Wedding Picnic Celebration

Table Elements

The picnic tables are another focal point for decorating. Here, showcasing the red-white-and-blue palette is as easy as playing around with the picnic essentials!

Think cutlery wrapped in red napkins (3), milk bottles used to serve red-tinted juices or sodas with fun striped straws, and tin containers holding red apples and macarons—all coordinated with patriotic printables.

Round placemats in red and blue (4) can be spiffed up with white stars, and paired with striped napkins.

Then, of course, there must be picnic baskets (5)! Not only do they make quaint centerpieces, whether on blankets on the grass or on top of each picnic table. But they’re also handy holders for bags of chips, jars of treats, extra placemats and napkins, plus 4th of July sparklers.

Homemade Picnic Treats and Favors

An at-home picnic should definitely serve a menu that’s lovingly home made. And for this special holiday, the food and drinks will of course be all-American. For the wedding cake, for instance, a multi-layered naked cake topped with fresh berries (6) would be just the thing. While sparkling red wine, grape and berry juices, apple cider and watermelon shakes would make a festive and refreshing selection of drinks.

Consider setting up a pie table, too, offering an assortment of favorites like apple, cherry, and blueberry pies—with adorable mini cherry pies in jars (7) topped with stars, plus pie pops for guests to take home as favors.

Here’s wishing all July couples a star-spangled wedding reception, picnic style right at home!

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  1. I love the idea of a backyard wedding and we’ll be having a rehearsal dinner on July 4th in my grandfather’s big backyard that just so happens to overlook a lake!

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