A Modern Vintage Wedding Shower Theme in Pink and Black

Modern vintage themed shower

Longing for that dream bridal shower that’s oh-so-romantic, yet contemporary and you? Try a modern-vintage—or “modage”—theme. Modern vintage still brings in all the feminine, frilly, and flouncy details that make vintage so charming. But take a closer look and discover how modern, chic touches are artfully worked into the table display for an elegant look that’s very today. The key is a sophisticated color palette that brings a blend of sweetness and sass to the entire scene. When applied to gorgeous centerpieces, elegant table settings, and the final decor details, this theme transports shower guests back to that more genteel era modage style!

Pair Romantic Pink With Dramatic Black

Just what would make a color scheme both vintage and modern? Picture this. Bring in pink—the ultimate romantic color—as the dominant hue for the shower’s color palette. Pair it with black—the color of drama and sophistication. The result is a combination that is both feminine and edgy, and utterly classy. The two colors balance each other’s qualities perfectly and set the stage elegantly for this modern-vintage occasion. Add decor accents in clean, crisp white to balance the pink and black, and round out the entire table scene.

Pink roses with ribbons displayed as a vintage centerpiece

An ideal focal point for this pink-and-black color pairing would be stunning centerpieces with a nostalgic appeal. Assemble Victorian pomander-inspired arrangements literally bursting with blush pink roses, while holding candles with an embossed rose design. Bring in the surprise of black with satin bows peeking out from amidst the blooms. For that added wow factor, display these arrangements three-in-a-row to mimic the look of an elaborate table runner. And for a final romantic touch, ring the arrangements with an elegant strand of pearls.

Pink rose and black centerpieces

Assemble Table Settings as “Modern-Vintage Vignettes”

Pink and black wedding color palette
All the feminine, frilly details of a vintage-inspired table display and dainty pomander-shaped sachets are balanced by elegantly simple plates, tableware and stemware.

Once the centerpieces have set the mood, extend this lovely color palette to the overall table display—again in modage style. Begin by imagining each place setting as a little vignette of modern-vintage decor, with charming details expressing one’s personal sense of style. Choose frilly and feminine table elements in pink and black, and present them in a stylish, contemporary fashion—as in this presentation.

Rose ball shaped centerpiece in pink and white candles Roses themed favors with tulle purses

Top a pink satin tablecloth with a black lace overlay for a hint of formality and a fashionably vintage look. Continue the feminine touch with pretty white doilies as place mats, and pink table napkins folded in a fan shape and held by glittering crystal napkin rings. Finally, to contrast with all these intricate table elements, choose the understated elegance of classic, white porcelain plates and simple flatware and stemware.

Add Details That Make the Table Frilly Yet Chic

Modern vintage table decorations and menu

From the exquisite centerpieces to the elegant place settings, it is clearly the fine details that bring this vintage-yet-modern look to life. Note how the delicate lace tablecloth, for example, sets a feminine tone while its black color adds allure. Pretty white purses filled with vintage-inspired candy bring both softness and sweetness to each place setting. Victorian-style paper silhouettes of a bride provide a charmingly authentic decor touch; while the neutralizing tones of lustrous pearls, frilly white doilies, and candlelight cast an aura of freshness on the scene.

Pink roses, tulle purses, and black lace for a vintage wedding reception

For a final gracious detail, provide menu cards featuring the occasion’s meal and wine offerings. These not only add an element of refinement to the bridal shower, they are also simple to make. Print the menu in a graceful font on ivory paper, then mount it on textured pink card stock framed by a backing of black card stock. Rest one card against the wine glass at each place setting—and the look is complete!

Vintage is Doable With a Modern Twist

A bridal shower can capture the romantic air of a vintage theme, but with a contemporary flair—in other words, modage. The secret lies in using an edgy pink-and-black color palette to paint the entire table display, and presenting traditionally vintage decor elements such as roses, ribbons, lace, candles, doilies, and pearls in a stylish and elegant manner. The result is the perfect romantic-yet-modern gathering for today’s bride.

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  1. This is fabulous! I’m so in love with the concept of modern vintage! It’s so reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn! I can see this as a lovely sit-down lunch with guests dressed in 1950s vintage dresses! It’s also such a romantic theme to work with. Plus, you can use patterns such damask, which is great when picking out the invitations for the bridal shower!

  2. This is so lovely. My bridal shower theme will be located in a vintage French restaurant and I was so inspired to plan the table decor after seeing these photos. Thank you.

  3. This table decorations remind of the store Juicy Couture. It is actually a great theme to incorporate with a mod vintage fashion theme!

  4. My future MIL thinks that having a black and pink wedding is just too risky. I was thinking of this same color combo because I was hoping to have a Parisian theme to my wedding. How do I convince her that this is a nice idea. Perhaps not having too much black? What do I do???

  5. Hello, Amy! Yes, your idea of using only minimal black in your wedding might be a good “compromise” to ease your MIL’s worries.

    You could keep things mostly pink. Then, apply the black in “traditional” ways like the groom’s and groomsmen’s suits or tuxedoes — with pink boutonnieres perhaps. Then limit any more black to just little touches (like perhaps bows in the bridesmaids’ bouquets or in the reception table centerpieces like we did in this “Modern Vintage” theme). All the best!

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