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Blushing Bride Cocktail Ideas: 10 Variations to Choose From!

Blushing bride drinks from the Wedding Bistro at Bellenza

The Blushing Bride cocktail has long been a favorite to serve at bridal showers, bachelorette parties, or as a “hers” signature drink at weddings. But did you know there are quite a number of mixes and presentations you can consider? To be honest, we didn’t! What a pleasant surprise, then, to discover these 10 totally stylish variations to this demure-looking concoction that actually packs a sweet little kick. See which drink catches your fancy!

10 “Blushing Bride” Recipes and Serving Drink Ideas

Find out what is blushing bride with these cocktail recipes and serving ideas | as featured on the Wedding Bistro at Bellenza

1 – See how an old classic called the French 75 cocktail becomes a chic Valentine’s Day concoction (i.e., the French Kiss 75) using beet-infused gin and thyme added to champagne. Visit West Elm for the recipe!

2 – Here’s a unique blend from Lynsey Loves Food, featuring champagne, elderflower liqueur, and pomegranate seeds. Sounds exotic and romantic!

3 – Now here’s a variation made with vodka! Martha Stewart Weddings shares the recipe that includes pink lemonade, then has sugar on the glass rim as a finishing touch.

4 – Serving your cocktail in champagne flutes, as shown on The Knot (with photo by Cocoa Blue), makes for a classy presentation. Plus leaving the ingredients unstirred creates a pretty ‘watercolor’ effect, with floating huckleberries as garnish. This recipe calls for passion fruit nectar, grenadine, and champagne. 

5 – A martini glass and a bright red raspberry create a chic look for this sweet pink blend, from Jay’s Catering.

6 – Looking for a non-alcohol option? This special recipe from Fre Wines is made with their ‘alcohol-removed’ Zinfandel, plus strawberries, rose-infused simple syrup, and a rose petal as accent!

7 – This cherry-garnished version from Love Letters to Home uses the classic blend of passion fruit nectar, dry champagne, and grenadine.

Easy Blushing Bride Recipes and Serving Drink Ideas

8 – Mary Giuliani’s Blushing Bride Punch – as featured on the Rachel Ray Show, this recipe calls for 2 750ml bottles of pink champagne or pink moscato, 1/2 750ml bottle of pink gin or non-pink, one-fourth cup of agave syrup, and mint for garnish. Add ice cubes made with flower petals that can be prepared ahead of time.

9 – A simple recipe using Van Gogh Melon Vodka, peach schnapps, and a splash of cranberry juice. Mix ingredients with ice and serve into an ice-filled glass garnished with a strawberry slice.

10 – Another easy cocktail from a Dash of Jazz that uses chilled elderflower liqueur, sparkling rosé, and half an ounce of grenadine.

Do remember that the basic elements for making variations of this drink include:

  • Champagne
  • Schnapps (peach)
  • Vodka
  • Grenadine for color
  • Passion fruit nectar

For non-alcoholic options, you can use the following ingredients:

  • 7UP
  • Club Soda
  • Pink lemonade
  • Juices (e.g, grapefruit, cranberry, strawberry, or raspberry)
  • Sparkling water

Ten fascinating ways to get that pink Blushing Bride hue! Have you concocted your own drink variation? Tell us about it in a comment below.


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