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Colorful + Sweet = A Wedding to Remember

Colorful balloons as decorations

Love color but can’t decide on just which one or two to use for your wedding? Then why not make the theme a celebration of your love of color! Bright, cheerful, vibrant. Much like your fun personalities.

But then how to apply these many hues? Well, we suggest bringing in the colors through everything from the decorations to the desserts. The idea is Colorful + Sweet = A Wedding to Remember!

Decorations for the Venue

Colorful balloons as decorations

You can’t beat balloons at saying ‘festive.’ Go for a whole ceiling full at the reception, in fact, for super high impact! Very trendy, too! You could also get a similar party-going-on effect with:

  1. bunting, garlands, pennants
  2. a backdrop of paper rosettes
  3. pinwheels
  4. fringe streamers
  5. kites

Desserts and Favors

Surprise everyone with an all-white cake, but with multi-colored layers, as well as M&Ms and other candies and sweets that come in a rainbow of hues:

  1. jelly beans, bubblegum balls, and dragees (a.k.a. Jordan almonds in traditional weddings)
  2. meringues and macarons
  3. baked goods like cake pops, cupcakes, cookies, petit fours

Wait! Doesn’t this sound and look like, well, a party? Precisely! Party on with a colorful and sweet wedding–a true reflection of your colorful personality!

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  1. Hi. I’m getting married in March. And I was wondering where are you all located? And do you ship decorations.

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