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Do Wonders with Wood: Creative Decorations for Rustic Weddings!

Wooden Reception Sign for Weddings

It’s truly amazing what wedding stylists and crafty DIY couples can create out of humble wooden elements! All the way from ring pillows to outdoor seating, from dessert displays to candle wraps, from alternative guest books to unique invitations. Wooden wedding decorations and accessories definitely have their own quaint charm. Proof indeed are these creative finds we’re delighted to share with you here!

1. Tree Slice Cake Stands

Tree slice cake stands for cupcakes and wedding cake

With the popularity of rustic weddings in recent years, this idea of using tree trunk ‘slices’ as cake stands couldn’t be more perfect! See how striking they look showing off woodland cupcakes in tiers and displaying a lovely wedding cake.

2. Tree Stump Seating and Wood Spool Tables

Tree stumps as ceremony seating

Now, this is truly going rustic! For this real wedding’s outdoor lounge area, actual tree stumps were cut to make seats while the tables appear to be those giant wooden spools for rope turned on end (someone correct us if we’re mistaken about this)!

3. Birch Bark Candle Holders

Birch bark candles centerpieces

Just love the golden glow from these woodsy glass candle holders! Available on etsy (see link at bottom of post), each cylinder vase is wrapped in a band of birch bark tied with jute and has a pillar candle inside. They make a lovely centerpiece, too, don’t you think?

4. Wedding Invitations Made from Wood

Wooden or wood grain wedding invitations

Wood makes a lovely material for wedding invitations, too! You could go for either the rough and rugged look, as in this invitation binder made of wood paper (left), or opt for a sweet and charming effect using a painted design (right).

5. Wooden Wedding Reception Signs

Wooden reception signs for wedding

This is probably the most obvious use of wood for a wedding: welcome and directional signs. But you can get tons of ideas online for personalizing the designs, fonts, wording, and placement of these signs. You could even opt for ready-made ones (see link below) to make your job easier!

6. Wood Slab Guest Book

Wooden slab wedding guestbook

An actual slab cut from a tree trunk serves as a guest book version that you can keep visible and enjoy for years to come. We spotted this image of a slab that has been varnished, and noticed the fancy feather-trimmed pens for the guests, too!

7. Wooden Barrels at the Ceremony

Wooden barrels at an outdoor wedding with a vineyard look

Wine (or whiskey) barrels make ideal accent pieces for a vineyard or wine country wedding. In this lovely outdoor setting, they serve as aisle liners and an alternative ‘altar’ at the ceremony, and as a pedestal for a dreamy floral display.

8. Wooden Crates for Centerpieces

Wooden crates as centerpiece containers

Crates repurposed from packaging for fruits, vegetables, wine or other bottled drinks transform into utterly charming holders for floral centerpieces. The contrast of the sweet florals against the rough wood in this image, for example, really caught our eye!

9. Wooden Drawers for Escort Card Display

Escort cards displayed in wooden drawers for a rustic garden wedding

Worn wooden drawers taken from vintage dressers, kitchen cabinets, or other old furniture can grace your wedding as escort card holders! Simply fill them with dainty flowers, and tuck the cards amidst the pretty display. Sweet indeed!

Things to Consider When Using Wood at a Wedding

1. Cost – Think about how expensive the cost will be relative to the overall budget. Using wood can add up quickly.

2. Decorative Appeal – Decide which key wedding elements you’d like to applying wood to. You can try it in a few aspects of the wedding like in your invitations or welcome signage.

3. Location – You may realize that the venue of your wedding may already have a lot of wooden elements. An example would be a ski resort lodge wedding or a campsite wedding in a national park.

4. Comfort – If you’ll be using wood for table tops or guest seating, be sure to have table overlays or runners to avoid clothing snags or stains, and provide seat cushions to keep guests comfy.

5. Food safety – Avoid placing edible items directly on wooden elements. Always have a serving platter, tray, or at least a doily liner separating the food from the wood.

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  1. The slab guest book looks amazing and I would love to buy one for my wedding. Do you have any idea where I can find that one? It’s beautiful!

  2. Hi Melissa! We did a little online search for the wood slab…and here are 2 links you can explore!


  3. Would like to purchase #6 wood slab guest book its beautiful contact me by email please. Thank You Jamie

  4. Hello Jamie. The photo of the wood slab guest book is from the photographer’s site. But you may search online for suppliers of wood slabs for wedding decorations. Hope you find one you like!

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