Donut Walls: The Sweetest Wedding Food Trend You’ll Want to Grab!

Donut presentation ideas for weddings. Photo via You and Lu.

Food stylists and caterers for today’s weddings are really letting their imaginations soar. And we mean that quite literally in this fun spin-off from the traditional dessert tables: donut walls! They’ve been popping up everywhere in the past year or so—from corporate events to baby showers and, yes, wedding receptions. An “edible backdrop” like this is such a sweet way to infuse a touch of whimsy and playfulness to your Big Day. Plus for your guests, it will be love at first sight…all the way till the last bite!

How to Get with the Donut Wall Trend

What better way to explore the possibilities for creating your own wedding donut wall than by seeing what others have done!Amazing ideas we spotted in these finds:

Donut wall displays for awesome weddings from peg boards to frames.

To make the donut display really pop, it’s best to use a solid-colored background for the “wall.” Crisp white looks fresh and inviting (1, 2, 3), solid black looks modern and dramatic (4), and a cheery color like aqua (5), orange or yellow would be a real attention-grabber! And clear lucite sheets (6) create the illusion of the donuts floating in mid-air!

Most donut walls we found used wooden dowels or hooks to secure the donuts in place. But string, yarn or ribbon to suspend the treats (2) is a pretty neat alternative, too. Just provide pairs of scissors for guests to snip off their donut choices.

Donut wall display ideas from peg boards to pallet stands.

A wooden pallet stand (7) painted white is a charming choice for a rustic, country or barnyard wedding. While if left as rough wood, it would be cool for an urban or industrial-themed donut wall.

Then, of course, there are all the possibilities of creating patterns and designs using varied donut colors and types! “Stripes” perhaps (10) by alternating chocolate, pink and white-frosted ones? A giant edible monogram (7), a large (sweet)heart, or spelling out an actual word (5)?

And should you still want a wedding-like look, you can always present your donut wall in elegant frames set on stands (11) or free-standing and trimmed with a lovely floral garland (9,5).

Some other variations we came up with:

  1. Use a donut wall for your escort card display – Tag each treat with a guest’s name and table number!
  2. Create an interactive game involving the donut wall – Have each guest take a donut and see who uncovers a special prize marked underneath!
  3. Display heart-shaped donuts on the wall – This is a celebration of love after all!
  4. Present the donut wall as a “midnight snack” for lingering guests – Provide glassine or brown paper bags or single-donut boxes for those who opt to take a treat home.

Image credits: 1 – Runway Chef / 2 – You and Lu / 3 – L.A. Guestlist / 4  – Australian Tourism Exchange, via Exploregram / 5 – Stephanie Collins Photography, via Green Wedding Shoes / 6 – People  /  7 – Katelyn James Photography, via Wedding Wire / 8 – Bizbash / 9 – Britta Marie Photography, via Style Me Pretty / 10 – XO Jane / 11 – Braedon Photography, via Wedding Chicks


  1. I had no idea people were using donuts like this! It looks great but I think I would be afraid of the donuts going stale after a while, no??

  2. Hi Rosemarie! Thanks for stopping by.

    Isn’t this an amazing idea?! About the donuts going stale (or attracting ants!), they’d probably be all gone in minutes once the guests spot this setup. 🙂

  3. I am so pleased to see these doughnuts displays what a awesome way to rid of the huge Italian looking wedding cake table and sadly after paying all that mula the cake is stuck with the bride n groom to become freezer burnt at the bottom of the ice box lol thanks for being inventive corky and inspiring….. I’m with this 2016

  4. Love how you described the “fate” of the traditional wedding cake, Towanda! So true! Credit for this Donut Wall concept must go to all these creative stylists we found. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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