Fab Feature: A Kitchen-themed Bridal Shower by Julie Ann Events

Kitchen themed bridal shower with fondue

The kitchen is the heart of the home, as they say. So, if you want to throw a dear family member a warm and intimate pre-wedding celebration, make it with a kitchen theme! For this week’s Fabulous Feature, then, we’re thrilled to showcase a sweet example of a kitchen-themed bridal shower styled by Julie Ann Events!

For months now, we’ve been enjoying Julie’s creative posts on her blog A Reason to Get Together. So we weren’t at all surprised to find this lovely little party centered around all things kitchen and clearly styled with love. Come on in and take some tips from Julie’s recipe for a charming fete for a bride-to-be!

Decorate with Homespun Kitchen Details

Table decorations for a kitchen themed bridal shower

What we love about this party theme is how easily you can source decorative pieces. They’re probably right there on your kitchen counters and pantry shelves! All it takes is a little display knowhow and some pretty styling touches, as Julie herself so creatively shows:

  1. Doesn’t her main buffet table look so inviting? It’s like welcoming close friends and family members into your home to gather round and enjoy your favorite recipes. We’ll talk more about the delicious party fare below, but notice how bunches of fresh flowers grace the table, too.
  2. How charming is what looks like a little welcome vignette, setting the kitchen theme! Julie assembled an actual cake mixer, a vintage oil lamp, and a trio of tulips along with two old window panes. She also made the garland of white paper flowers that provides a sweet backdrop.
  3. More delightful touches are the quaint kitchen accessories she put on display—a rusty kitchen scale (one of the few times rusty is good!), an old-style manual egg beater, a rolling pin, a vintage canning jar, and some pretty cookbooks.
  4. Most clever of all is the recipe for a good marriage.” Julie reveals that it’s actually a dresser mirror that she found at a thrift store, spray-painted the frame blue, and covered over the mirror part with chalkboard paint! How’s that for repurposing?

And in keeping with the theme, each guest was asked to bring along a favorite recipe to share with the bride-to-be. Great idea!

Serve Simple Yet Scrumptious Party Fare

Cupcakes, crostinis, strawberries for a bridal shower

Again, what makes this spread so appealing is its hand-made, home-baked look! All the goodies and serve ware seem like something you could pull together right in your own kitchen. Let’s take a closer look at Julie’s darling food display:

  1. Admittedly, the star of the party spread is a something you may not have at home—a chocolate fondue fountain! But this is a special occasion, so why not indulge?
  2. Of course, this fountain calls for dipping items. So guests get to serve themselves fresh strawberries, green apple wedges, and bite-size pastries using the cutest ribbon-tied skewers.
  3. More sweets on display are chocolate cupcakes and cream puffs arranged on a DIY tiered stand of vintage plates and tea cups, and what look like red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Yum!
  4. Aside from the confections, Julie served cucumber crostini bites with fresh dill and pimento cheese sandwiches, a typical menu item at parties in the South.

One secret she also reveals is that a few of the items weren’t home made. They were bought at Costco! So if you’re not exactly a born baker, take heart. Look what a scrumptious party spread you can serve!

To see Julie’s 3-part series on this delightful kitchen-themed bridal shower, visit part 1, part 2, and part 3. And do stop by A Reason to Get Together often for continuing party inspiration, and contact Julie Ann Events via Facebook for your event styling needs!


  1. What a fun idea! You can incorporate a sub-theme into this like a sushi-making party, hibachi grill bbq, or pasta bar theme. Guests can cook up their own meals that would make it a very interactive bridal shower party! Great feature!

  2. Hi, Dahlia! Great suggestions on sub-themes for this kitchen-themed bridal shower. Nice thing is, they all center on food and eating!

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