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Fall Bridal Bouquet Styles to Swoon Over: From Loose to All-Foliage!

Fall bouquets from loose to cascading styles that are trendy!

With autumn being the season of rich colors and incredible textures, you can be sure that fall wedding bouquets will showcase these features. And do so in amazing style! Here, we’ve selected 8 beautiful bouquet examples, designed using different approaches to floral arrangement. Each one makes a stunning statement, but we point out the qualities that make the various styles so swoon worthy. Get ready for some real floral fabulousness to complete your autumn bridal ensemble perfectly!

Stunning Bouquet Styles for the Autumn Bride

Stylish Fall Wedding Bouquets to Swoon Over // Curated Finds from The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza.

Style #1: Loose Blooms with Added Trimmings

Texture overload is practically a given for fall styling. So in addition to gathering an eclectic mix of loose blooms and foliage together in one lush bunch, many autumn bouquets add even more visual accents—like long, flowing ribbons (1, 3 4) or exotic pheasant feathers (8). The colors used can combine deep rich burgundy, plum and burnt orange with softer peach, yellow, and blush pink.

Style #2: Cascading

The drama of a cascading bouquet seems suited to the season, too. With fall celebrated as a time of abundance and harvest, the effect of blooms overflowing gracefully from the bride’s arms (2, 8, 5) can be quite breathtaking.

Style #3: Single Variety or Single Bloom

This bouquet style has been in vogue for a few years now, and is a definite attention grabber. Single variety would mean gathering just one type of flower into a charming arrangement—whether bold and bright sunflowers, dreamy astilbe, fragrant lavender or dainty baby’s breath.

Single bloom refers to having just a lone flower with perhaps some leaves—like this stunning King Protea (7) or maybe a large magnolia blossom, a giant dahlia, or even a ‘composite bloom’ assembled from loose petals.

Style #4: All-foliage

With rustic, boho and woodland weddings being so popular come fall, the all-foliage style of bouquet is a most fitting choice. You could go for a ‘botanical’ look bursting with assorted greenery and berries (6), or a ‘forest’ effect featuring boldly colored autumn leaves. Aside from foliage, natural elements like herbs, small fruits and pine cones would capture the autumn vibe perfectly, too!

So, have you made your Fall Bouquet style choice? We’d love to hear what it is. Leave us a comment below.

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