Find in Focus: Wooden Crates as Rustic Wedding Decor

Wooden crates for soda

Along with the rustic theme trend in weddings has come the love for woodsy and re-purposed decor elements—like the humble wooden crate. And do we mean love! These packing containers have been transformed into the most creative and charming centerpiece holders, display stands for cakes and wedding sweets, caddies for drinks, trays for escort cards, and quaint welcome signage. Sparked by these examples we have here, what innovative wedding decorations would you use crates for?

Great Ideas for Using Vintage Wooden Crates

Ideas for using wooden crates as wedding decorations

1 – For a French country cottage ambiance at your reception or bridal shower, see how a worn crate (stamped ‘Provence,’ of course!) makes the sweetest caddy for your drinks station. Keep the look unified with your chosen color—green in this lovely image via Stone Gable blog—and you have a delightful little vignette!

2 – Packing crates are often used to transport fruits. So why not take that idea and create the most heartwarming table centerpieces! Simply fill mini boxes with whole lemons, limes, oranges, apples, or pears to match your color scheme. Then stand chalkboard table numbers among the fruit! Visit Love and Lavender for more details from a real wedding!

3 – Having a coffee-themed wedding? Then an old wooden box can serve as a tray for your escort cards. Just love this example via Events by Heather Ham that uses a bed of whole coffee beans to prop the cards up. Must smell fabulous, too!

4 – Flip a packing crate over and it becomes a statement display stand for a rustic sweets table! Use it to showcase your wedding cake, homemade pies, or a whole pile of yummy donuts, like this one featured on The Wedding of My Dreams Co. The upside-down lettering just adds to the charm!

Reminders when using wooden crates as decor elements:

1. Be sure to scrub the entire box clean with detergent and water, and air dry it thoroughly before use.

2. If it will be within reach of guests, check for anything like old nails, metal braces, or sharp wooden fragments that could cause injury. Remove these or cover them up with something decorative.

3. Remember, the more beat up and worn the crate is, the greater its rustic appeal! So don’t be too worried about sanding, re-painting, or prettying it up. Let your guests enjoy it as is!


  1. Love the idea for the dessert table!

  2. Hi Dahlia. Yes, aren’t these crate ideas so charming? Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Such a creative idea! I have my dad’s old wine crates that I can now recycle for my wedding this summer.

  4. Hi Marie! Yes, definitely use what “treasures” you already have. Have a lovely wedding!

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