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Go Modern: Asian-inspired Bridal Shower Inspiration!

Modern asian bridal shower

What a thrill to find this delightful at-home bridal shower—also with Asian inspiration! We just love how Natalie of The City Sisters pulled together such a charming set-up in a pretty color scheme of pink, with Asian touches like cherry blossoms, bamboo, fans, and paper lanterns. And for the shower buffet, a mix of noodles, sushi, and dumplings along with pink-frosted cake pops, mini bundt cakes, and creamy raspberry “fools” (parfaits). It’s so pretty and yummy that we can’t help, but share it with you! Enjoy!

5 Great Highlights To See

Asian bridal shower decorations, desserts, drinks, and favors

1. Decorations: fuchsia and light pink lanterns, along with lots of folding fans bought from Luna Bazaar

2. Drinks: pink sparkling lemonade, Izze sodas, and pink prosecco presented in a tin container, including iced green tea on the side

3. Menu: she served up various sushi rolls, steamed pork dumplings, edamame, wasabi peas (for snacking), and a great noodle salad adapted from Rachel Ray (recipe in post).

4. Desserts: instead of cake, she made lime-glazed mini bundt cakes, strawberry cake-balls, and raspberry fools. A fool is sort of like a parfait; made with cream, creme fraiche, and soaked raspberries, all folded together.

5. Favors: Chinese take-out containers filled with fortune cookies


  1. This is such a great theme and presentation! Love it!

  2. Charming with a lot of originality!

  3. So nice of you to stop by, Michelle! Yes, we were attracted by the neat and simple presentation — high on appeal and totally doable. 🙂

  4. We so agree, Amy! It’s actually a neat blend of East and West so prettily presented. 🙂

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