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Ideas for a Lingerie Themed Bridal Shower at Valentine’s: Shh, So Red!

Red lingerie on ghost chair

Bridal showers with a lingerie theme are already quite popular. But if your planned shower date happens to fall within the Valentine’s season, why not make the occasion extra romantic? The challenge, though, is to keep the ambiance tasteful and stylishly sexy. So, here, we’ve assembled our very own party scene that’s ultra sophisticated and very Valentine’s!

Set a Romantic Mood with Red Hues & Candle Glow

Lingerie bridal shower decorations

Red, of course, is the color of love. So we made it the dominant hue of this bridal shower setting—from a profusion of crimson flowers forming a table length centerpiece, all the way to the lingerie shower presents displayed on a modern ghost chair. Note: to create a similar effect, you could use fresh red roses, dahlias, carnations, or calla lilies—or even paper blooms, like these shown here.

Then, for that perfect air of romance, we kept the venue lighting dim and set assorted candles amidst the florals. Note the variety, from tea lights in votive glasses to petite candles atop tall, sleek stands.

Decorate the Tables with Pearls and Bubbly!

Pearl accents and champagne bottle on table.

Along with flowers and candles, pearls are an elegant addition to any Valentine’s-themed decor. So, we adorned the party tables with strands and strands of these lustrous accents (faux, of course, but still lovely!). We wound them amidst the florals, and draped them on the favor display of assorted heart pendants. Notice how they spill gracefully out of a cylinder vase balanced on an upturned wine goblet—a decorating trick you can use, too!

Then, we couldn’t resist bringing out the bubbly. Pink champagne, in fact, in keeping with the season of love! Not only is it an impressive decor accent, it also complements the light party fare perfect for this type of bridal shower. Think bite-size sandwiches with cheese, paté, or turkey fillings, a fresh fruit salad, sweet little petit fours, the shower cake to be served with tea or coffee—then, the champagne to toast the happy bride!

Give Shower Favors that Suit the Lingerie Theme

Lingerie bridal shower sachets

For guests to take home after the party, prepare delightful shower favors in keeping with the theme. Here, we used pretty two-toned silk flower sachets to hold heart-shaped pendants, lockets, brooches, earrings, and rings. But you could also tuck in:

1. gift cheques from a stylish lingerie salon
2. discount cards to a nearby spa with facial, nail care, and massage services
3. little tins of heart-shaped dinner mint, conversation hearts, or red M&Ms personalized with the bride’s initials


More Elegant Ideas for a Lingerie themed Bridal Shower

The key to planning this theme is to use tasteful elements with a flirty spin! Try the following:

1. Set up a lingerie gift station just for the bride-to-be. Surprise her at the event by incorporating a pretty signage to welcome guests.

2. Have a cake decorator design a lingerie-themed bridal shower cake with a whimsical motif.

3. Give guests lingerie-themed cookies and/or cupcakes as a fun way to incorporate the theme. Display them on the place settings as edible decorations.

4. Serve refreshing beverage favorites like mojitos, bellinis, and sangrias. Consider a drinks bar so guests can serve themselves.

5. Plan a light yet delicious menu with an Italian twist! Or, make it a wine and cheese bridal shower. You may also want to strike up an exotic menu.

Clearly, with a focused decorating approach, a lingerie-themed bridal shower can be pulled off with both style and sass! If you do host one some time, share a few photos with us. We’d love to see your take on this theme! And for more inspiration, check out this vintage themed lingerie shower.


  1. Nice use of pearls for table decor!

  2. I used to think that a lingerie theme was tacky a bit. Not anymore! Will be using this for my sister’s shower in May.

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