It’s a “Love is Sweet” Themed Bridal Shower

Love is sweet theme

Love is celebrated in many unique ways, but what could be sweeter than a bridal shower filled with an enticing array of sugary delights? To pull this off with style and flair, take inspiration from a charming French confiserie. Recreate this candy store look by presenting French-inspired confections in the prettiest pastel hues, and go all the way to a grand bridal shower cake embellished with sugar flowers, candy pearls, and lace. And for guest favors? Offer scrumptious gifts in the daintiest packaging filled with even more delightfully French treats. It’s a “love is sweet” bridal shower styled shoot by Bellenza!

Paint a Charming Venue in Sugary Hues

In choosing the perfect venue for this shower, picture a quaint French confiserie nestled within the elegant shopping district of St-Germain-des-Prés. Chock full of sweet surprises in sugary hues—it’s a charming scene that just makes one smile!

Love is Sweet Bridal Shower Signage

To create this setting, consider an indoor patio or veranda with access to natural light, or even a shaded section of a garden. Paint the entire scene in a candy-color palette of pink, white, and lilac with touches of light yellow for accent. And to add feminine elegance and style to all the sweetness, have on hand romantic decor elements like lace and pearls—even an appealing welcome sign. Now all is ready for guests to be ushered into the stylish candyland that awaits them.

Offer a “So Glad to See You” Welcoming Area


As guests arrive at the shower, extend a warm hello with a personalized welcome sign. Display the title of the event with the bride’s name in a carved antique-finished frame, or have the frame hold a sweet greeting or a romantic quotation. Set this on the reception or guest book table, adorned with candy pearls and lace, and surrounded with prettily packaged shower favors. With everything cast in the sugary color scheme, what a pretty sight this would be! And what a treat for the bride, who gets to keep the framed signage as a memento of this sweet occasion.

Lay Out Sevres-inspired Table Settings

Once at their tables, continue to captivate guests with the prettiest, most delicate place setting elements. Dainty floral-patterned dinner plates accented by gold trim, reminiscent of Sevres porcelain, would be just the thing. Extend the romantic look with cake plates and a French-style tea and coffee service in different pink and lilac designs. Finally, finish off the elegant look with gold flatware to lend a rich undertone to the event.

A special note: Discovering such treasures at a flea market or antique thrift shop is half the fun. And if they happen to have mismatched patterns, that only adds to their charm!

Set Up a Stunning Display of Pink and Lilac Sweets

Pink sugar flowers

As shower guests begin to mingle, surprise them with a grand confiserie-style presentation—a candy-dessert-cake-favor table all in one. Lay out a charming lace tablecloth as the perfect backdrop, draped with strands of pearls held in place with pretty bows. Prepare candy-box style oval containers, white porcelain platters, and tiered pastry stands. Position these on the table in an angled candy-store style towards the guests. When filled with French-inspired treats, this festive display creates an eye-catching showcase of sweetness that is simply irresistible.

Love is sweet sign

Choose the most delightful confections within the color palette of pink, lilac, yellow, and white:

white meringues dotted with candy-coated chocolate chips in brown, crimson, and plum
macarons de paris in shades of pink and dark thistle
pale pink bonbons
pink and white heart-shaped marshmallows
pink and lilac cake pops
chewy nougat, pink and lilac dragees, and lavender chocolates

If other delectable treats are on hand, add them, too—such as jordan almonds, lollipop cookies, cotton candy, even vanilla ice cream with a selection of sprinkles and toppings to choose from.

White meringues

And for the pièce de résistance, present a four-layer bridal shower cake (see below) draped in rolled fondant in alternating lilac and ivory. Decorate it with delicate sugar lace, candy pearls, and mini bouquets of sugar flowers reminiscent of the hand-molded creations of French candy chefs. Around its base, lay billows of delicate lace or tulle for a dreamy, romantic effect. And as surprise treats for shower guests, have pull-out fortunes or charms baked into the cake.

Prepare Favors Sweet Enough for a French Confiserie

Pink candy sachets

Along with all the sugary treats on display, give equally sweet and dainty favors with a variety of tasteful confiserie-style candies. Prepare French-inspired packaging that evokes the exquisite details of the event’s motif, such as charming floral bags, delicate tulle purses adorned with lace and tiny pearls, or lovely pink and lilac pomander sachet bags. Fill them with goodies such as French caramels, honey nougat, or chocolate dragées. Finish the presentation with some personalized thank-you cards that mimic candy store tags or stickers.

Love is Sweet Indeed—With a Touch of Elegance


This “Love is Sweet” bridal shower is the perfect chance to be a grown-up in a candy store! Lay out all the French-style confections one can think of, including a grand fondant cake, and use these as the key decorative elements playing on the sugary hues of pink, lilac, yellow, and white. Even for favors and favor containers, choose those that echo the sweet theme. The secret lies in bringing the occasion beyond mere candy store sweetness, with feminine elements that spell style and sophistication.

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  1. I love the concept of a confiserie themed shower! The cake in the picture is so gorgeous!

  2. I would like to know where I can purchase the pink and white heart marshmallows that you feature on your website. Thank you,

  3. Great question! We actually made these ourselves using mini heart-shaped cookie cutters. Once dried, we then placed some confectioner’s sugar so that they won’t stick together. Then, we painstakingly dipped the marshmallows in pink food coloring. Hope this helps!

  4. Do you have any ideas for some easy and fun bridal games?

  5. There are definitely many bridal shower games out there. Here are 3 favorites:

    1) 10 things that the groom knows about the bride

    2) Domestic diva game – wherein the bride is challenged with 10 questions on basic things like how to boil water or make scrambled eggs.

    3) Guessing game – the bride is blindfolded and asked to guess things about the groom like what is he wearing, etc. This is ideal for a couple’s shower.

  6. Do you have any idea where I can find affordable glass jars? These are large ones you see at the candy store. Thanks.

  7. Ikea carries several sizes of glass jars from large apothecary-sized ones to even small spice jars for holding candies as favors. Also, try ebay for wholesale suppliers and/or surplus items from candy stores.

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