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Lights at Your Wedding: Bright Ideas for That Magical Effect

Wedding lanterns by a pool reception

Dazzling! Captivating! Enchanting! These were the effects we were looking for as we scoured the web (okay, mostly the fabulous blogs we regularly follow, plus Pinterest) for lighting decor at weddings. We were seeking that magic that wedding stylists wield, transforming a bare venue into a wonderland that sparkles, glitters, and glows. Look what we found!

Unique wedding lighting ideas from sparklers to floating lanterns to fairy lights

Now, that we’ve all been wowed, we wanted to look more closely at what “bright ideas” are behind these lighting wonders. Here’s what we noted to spark your imagination for illuminating your own wedding.

  1. Pinpoints or clusters of brightness—not full, bright lighting—create the most enchanting effect. Think fairy, firefly, or twinkling lights suspended from ceiling rafters, wound around tree trunks, or peering out from garden shrubbery.
  2. Hanging lanterns or draped strands of lights add decorative impact overhead—taking advantage of towering trees or high ceilings that the venue may offer.
  3. Floating lights, whether in a pool or pond or else soaring up into the night sky, add a sense of wonder to the occasion.
  4. Lots of lights is good! Since these are in the form of fairy lights or lanterns, the wow factor comes from massing them together in key areas of your venue. This way, they also serve to light the ceremony area, the buffet table or bar, or walkways for guests.
  5. Getting guests into the lighting act is great! The most popular way is through a fun “sparkler sendoff” for the newlyweds. But you could also do this through having them hold mini candles during the ceremony or release dozens of lighted paper lanterns in a truly awesome close to the occasion!

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  1. Thanks, Chrissy! Credit goes to the super-talented stylists and couples behind these images. 🙂

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