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Planning a Stylish Bridal Shower Party on a Budget

Bridal shower party on a budget

Working with a tight budget? And prep time running out as well? Not to worry. There are still ways to have a bridal shower party that’s high on style, without too much expense. Let these budget-friendly yet stylish ideas for table settings, food and drinks, and even the invitations for the shower put you at ease with their affordability. The surprising effect is sure to delight guests just the same.

Think Stylish Yet Budget-friendly Decor

The expression “less is more” does apply even to wedding events. And with floral centerpieces being among the costliest items on the party table, why not consider non-floral table decorations instead? Here are 4 ideas for achieving a stylish look, with far less expense:

 favor centerpieces for guests

1. Try favor centerpieces – If you plan to give favors, try creating a centerpiece out of them. A grouping of miniature rose flower pots are a great option. You still get the floral effect, while they save you a bundle on the table décor. Plus, when guests take them home as favors, you have less table clutter to clear when the party is over!

edible centerpiece elements

2. Think edible decorations – Let the food become the centerpiece of your table. If you’re planning to serve the food at the shower “family-style”, then lay it out on pretty serving dishes. In our example, shapely croissants take center stage as edible table decorations. How? By simply being placed atop antique-style urns for added height and visual interest. And for an elegant finish, set out wine bottles at various places on the table.

candles and flower heads

3. Light it up with candles – Candlelight works wonders! For such little cost and even less effort, you get a lovely, romantic effect. Line candles up table-runner fashion for a dramatic look. Use varied heights and styles, too, such as white embossed pillar candles resting on elegant pearl plates. Remember, you only need a little to get the look right.

blue petal favor bags for guests at a beach bridal shower dinner

4. Use simple table settings – You can opt for a simple table display, with just a few flowers elegantly presented. For example, if your event has a cool beach theme with shells and sand as the décor accents, arrange square glass vases holding a single bloom each down the center of the table with a pretty silk favor bag as party keepsake resting on chic, white plates. So simple, yet stylish.

Consider a Creative & Cost-Saving Menu

Now, for food and drinks options that aren’t only cost-saving, but hassle-reducing, too. That way, you have more time to attend to other pre-wedding matters!
Try these delicious ideas:

Have it set as an afternoon event – Since it’s not lunch, you can just serve sandwiches and pastries. Look for cafes or restaurants that offer sandwich deals for large parties. Then, just up the decorative look of your table by serving these sandwiches on attractive platters or tiered stands. No tiered stands available? Improvise with water goblets. Stand them stem-side up and balance a plate on the base of each goblet. Viola, a grand food display!

Make it a potluck meal – If you do opt for brunch or lunch, potluck is a fun option among family and friends. The key is to “assign” the general menu items for a good spread. But do allow guests to volunteer which items they wish to bring. Some can bring the main entrees—just 2 or 3 choices would be fine for an intimate gathering. Others can bring side dishes, like salad and breads. And for the sweet end of the party, other guests can bring their specialty desserts.

Go Chinese, Italian, or Mexican Take-Out – One of the easiest and yet tastiest ways to hold a bridal shower party on a budget is to order takeout! Chinese food, for instance, is great because the meals are served in bulk. Plus your guests get to sample a variety of dishes at the same time. Moreover, many Chinese dishes make attractive edible décor. Think potstickers, crab Rangoon, and noodles. Simply transfer the takeout food onto stylish serving dishes, add chopsticks, rice bowls, tea cups, and soy sauce dishes—and your shower party is ready!

Send Out Invites Without Spending A Lot

Even your bridal shower invitations can send the word out in style, at surprisingly little cost. Consider these budget-friendly ideas:

Head for your nearest discount retailer – Stores such as Target and Wal-mart carry a great selection of party invitations. Stick with a style that is simple and then incorporate your own personal touch. You may add a decorative accent based on your shower theme, or write a special message to each guest.

Do dare to make it yourself – If you want to make the invitations yourself, there are many DIY kits available at outlets such as Office Depot or Staples. You can also create a theme-based design with a little imagination and crafting skill. For instance, if your bridal shower has a beach theme, make whimsical cutouts of seashells from stationery, attach these to your invites with pretty ribbons, and add embellishments like embossed, flocked, or glitter stickers. Read more on how to save on your invitations.

Go electronic – This approach will not only save you money, but Mother Earth will thank you for going paperless. Consider online invitations from Evite.com They carry a wide variety of designs to suit either the theme or color palette of your event. A great plus factor: they’re free, too!


  1. i’m trying to organize my own bridal shower i need some beach theme ideas
    please help. i’m getting my marriage vowls renewed..

  2. Congratulations! For such a special event, you can have the bridal shower decor inspired by an exotic beach location like the Caribbean. Think of decor such as candle lanterns, leis, and scattered plumeria petals. Your table centerpieces can consist of tropical fruits and flowers for a colorful display, too! For some more ideas, you may want to read Beach-inspired Tablescapes To Make Your Summer Wedding Sizzle!

  3. I really like your idea about “Go Chinese, Italian, or Mexican Take-Out”

  4. Thanks so much, Christy!

    Hope these ideas will be helpful…even for occasions other than a Bridal Shower. Have a wonderful spring!

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