Planning a “Main Squeeze” Bridal Shower Theme with a Limoncello Spin

Bridal Shower Details Inspired by Zesty Lemon

Looking for a fresh and fun theme for a summertime bridal shower? You’ll fall in love with this one. A “Main Squeeze” theme that’s inspired by the citrus flavor, tangy fragrance, and sunny hue of lemons! So many decorating, food and drinks, including favor ideas right there, as you’ll see in this post. This chic and cheery theme definitely captures how the bride-to-be feels about the love of her life—a.k.a., her “main squeeze!”(*this post contains affiliate links)

Bridal Shower Details Inspired by Zesty Lemon

There’s such a happy air about a party decked out in lemon yellow, orange, peach, and pink—with fruits and flowers everywhere. Take cues from these bright ideas we’ve gathered to help you plan one of the merriest bridal showers ever!

“Main Squeeze” Bridal Shower Theme with a Limoncello Spin

A perfect sneak peek of the occasion would be to send out lemon-themed bridal shower invitations (1 – via Zazzle) in pretty pink and yellow.

Then, for the party tablescapes (2 – styled by Bellenza), prepare table linens in peach, orange, and yellow and place settings topped with silk floral favor bags (exclusive from the Bellenza SHOP) holding lemon drops, a vial of lemon essential oils, or petite lemon-scented soaps. And have gorgeous centerpieces of the brightest blooms (3 – styled by Bellenza), like orange daisies and yellow “dancing lady” orchids—with actual fresh lemons as accents!

The party fare should be fittingly sunny, too. Think colorful dishes like this Barilla Rotini Salad with Tuna, Olives, Mozzarella Cheese (4 – recipe from and, of course, how could you miss serving limoncello cocktails (5 – recipe from Vitamix)?

The perfect bridal shower dessert for this gathering would be a limoncello cake or lemon tiramisu (6 – recipe from Ciao Florentina)—along with other themed treats like lemon bars, lemon meringue pie, and limoncello ice cream. To display all these goodies, set up a treats table decorated with an entire “Main Squeeze” party kit (7 – via Beau-coup) complete with a lovely banner and coordinated cups, cookie bags, coasters, and paper straws.

And for in-theme party activities, why not a game of Bridal Shower Bingo with pretty lemon garland bingo cards (8 – via Zazzle) that you can have personalized?

So there you have it. A sunny-hued bridal shower scene inspired by lemons. A “main squeeze” indeed!

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