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Tantalizing Fall Wedding Cocktails with a Modern Rustic Flair!

Red wine sangria for fall

Toast the wonderful flavors of autumn with modern rustic cocktails! If you’re looking for a signature cocktail drink, then look no further than today’s post! We’re featuring 7 tantalizing fall drinks made with ingredients from ginger beer to red wine to fruits like pears, pumpkins, and pomegranates. Picking the right libation to suit your fall wedding celebration is just a drink away!

7 Great Ideas for Choosing a Signature Fall Wedding Cocktail

Thanks to seasonal fruits come autumn, these cocktails each feature a delicious fruit component. Such a yummy way to celebrate! Click on the links for the recipes.

Tantalizing Fall Cocktails with a Modern Rustic Flair with Ingredients Like Apples, Pears, and Pumpkin as featured on Bellenza.

1 – “Dark and Stormy” cocktail
Try this modern take on a Bermudian classic, found via Julep. It has just three ingredients: lime juice, ginger beer and dark rum.

2 – Apple cider mojito
This seasonal favorite, courtesy of Jo-Lynne Shane, has a secret ingredient: cinnamon simple syrup that you can home-make.

3 – Pear ginger sage champagne cocktail
Love this straight-from-the-farm concoction by Dishing Up the Dirt, glammed up with champagne.

4 – Caramel apple martini
This drink, from Wines With Charm, combines the flavors of a caramel apple from a carnival with the grown-up kick of vodka.

5 – Pomegranate and rosemary gin fizz
Talk about a festive cocktail for a fall wedding! Thanks to Creative Culinary, this could be your signature drink.

6 – Red apple cider sangria
Who says sangria is only for summer? See how Chocolate Moosey combined red wine and apples for a flavorful ‘Hallowine’ cocktail!

7 – Orange spiced pumpkin martini
No actual pumpkin in this recipe from Ingredients Inc. But it’s in perfect fall color with vodka, prosecco, and orange zest.

Isn’t it amazing how creative these drink concoctions can get? We have a few other posts, too, for even more cocktail ideas for the upcoming holidays!

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Appetizer Pairing Suggestions

When picking a signature drink, you may want to opt for a his and hers option. Certainly not required, though. Since your cocktails will most likely be served with hors d’oeuvres, consider pairings of food that complement the flavor of your drinks. Avoid anything that is too spicy and may take away from the fruity taste in these cocktails. Some yummy appetizer options include: fig with cream cheese bruschetta bites, spring rolls with shrimp, crab cakes (always a crowd pleaser), and bacon and brie tartlets.

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