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Tips and Tricks to Design a Valentine’s Dessert and Drinks Table

Valentine's Desserts and Drinks Table

Desserts and drinks as decorations? Absolutely! More and more at wedding parties today, fancy presentation tables for sweet treats, beverages, and the party cake are taking center stage. So with all that attention on them, these displays are styled just as meticulously as the guest tables. Sound intimidating? The truth is there are little tips and tricks you can use that are actually quite simple for a Valentine’s Day Sweets Table.

How to Create a Valentine’s Day Sweets Table!

A Valentine's dessert table
A “wow” effect for your dessert table can actually be achieved with two key elements: location and lighting.

The aim is to create a desserts and drinks table for your bridal shower that is visually appealing, if not outright stunning. But since a bridal shower is usually an intimate, at-home affair, you don’t want anything too complicated or costly either.

So our first “must” would be location! Find a spot at the venue where the display is sure to be noticed, and position your table there. It can be a long console table or a lighted bar, like ours; or even a dining or kitchen table covered with a lovely table cloth.

Then, our second “must” would be lighting! Few things call attention as effectively as shining a light on something. You could opt for dramatic side illumination, as in our example, an overhead chandelier or spotlight, or even glowing candles. Anything to showcase your table.

Play Up the Decorative Details on Your Sweets Table

A chic red and white Valentine's dessert display
Choose desserts and decorative elements that all work together to pull off that striking red-and-white Valentine look.

Once you’ve ensured the location and lighting, the rest depends on the styling details. Here, we kept our color focus throughout—a chic red and white motif in honor of Valentine’s!

You see this in the red jelly-filled cookies, the ribbon trim and pompom topper on the cake, and the paper flowers strewn all over the display. Other accents were intentionally kept color-neutral, like the pastry stands, the glass globe vases, the silver containers, even the strands of pearls. Note that the rose champagne we chose is pink as well.

Don’t Forget “Delicious” Counts, Too

A chic red and white Valentine's dessert display
Beyond visual appeal, think yummy flavors for the cupcakes, cookies, and other confections you’ll have on display.

It’s not all about appearance, though. Guests have to be just as delighted with how your desserts taste as how pretty they look! So, while you may select goodies for their color, shape, and decorations, think of those with delectable flavors as well like:

  1. red velvet cupcakes with fluffy marshmallow icing and red sprinkles
  2. delicate French macarons in vanilla, caramel, lemon, or almond flavors
  3. bite-size raspberry or cherry fruit tarts
  4. fluffy madeleine cookies topped with strawberry jam
  5. melt-in-your-mouth white meringues
  6. white marshmallows sprinkled with red edible glitter
  7. fresh strawberries dipped in white chocolate
  8. yummy cake pops with pink icing

Then, as the perfect complement to all these treats, serve an assortment of teas, freshly-brewed coffee, and of course a bottle or two of bubbly!

Now, are you all excited to create your own Valentine’s bridal shower sweets table? We knew you’d be. Happy styling!


  1. Love the chic red and white wedding cake!

  2. Thank you so much, Helen! It’s hard to get away from the usual red on Valentine’s, so we thought it was nice to add some floral toppers for a more exciting cake design 🙂

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