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What’s Your Wedding Table Sign? Creative Ideas!

Wedding table sign ideas

“Welcome to Our Wedding Party!” Of course that’s what you want to say. But is there a way to say it differently? Definitely! You can say it with a wedding table sign that’s just so innovative, appealing, stylish, or whimsical that guests are sure to walk in to your party with a smile.

The ideal display point for your wedding sign would of course be at the entry to the party venue. But it would look pretty sad standing all alone. So give it a stage! You can choose from the guest book table, the escort card or seating plan display, the favor presentation table, or even the cake display area. Decorate it as creatively as you can, based on your wedding party theme—then set your signage in place.

Ready to craft that unique wedding sign? See how we’ve used specific themes—from a nautical-inspired beach wedding to a fashionable vintage bridal shower—to say “Welcome” in a truly creative way.

At a Winter Wonderland-Themed Engagement Dinner

Winter wedding table signs

(1) Theme – Visions of snowflakes and the pristine white of newly-fallen snow serve as the inspiration for this enchanting favor presentation table. Stacks of elegant gift boxed slipper favors are all a-glitter with crystal brooches and charms, as jeweled votive holders cast a soft glow on the tabletop.

(2) Signage Details – Extend the sparkle by using silver-edged picture frames to enclose your wedding sign saying “Dreams Do Come True”—this time written in silver glitter. Using three frames, instead of just one, is a great trick for adding visual impact to your sign with very little effort.

(3) Personalization Ideas – Since this is an engagement dinner, your sign can symbolize the joining of your lives. The two outer frames, for instance, may hold individual photos of you and your fiancé; while the inner frame can present a photo of you together. The sign’s text may then read “Two Lives Become One.”

At a Fun-filled Beach Wedding Reception

Beach wedding table signs

(1) Theme – At this summer party, nautical elements of vari-colored shells, ocean-inspired blue hues, and a dash of green foliage decorate this candy buffet table. On a tiered stand, shell trays holding wedding confections and organza-wrapped heart favor boxes filled with seashell-shaped goodies are ready for taking!

(2) Signage Details – For your wedding sign, craft a tropical island-inspired banner that says “Sweet Sailing”. Gather two twigs, a strip of blue paper or board, scissors, glue, and a gold marker, and you’re ready to make your own sign.

(3) Personalization Ideas – To make this sign extra personal, you can opt to create a bigger banner to include your names as the newlyweds. For example, “Anna and Andrew – Sailing into Wedded Bliss”.

At a Bridal Shower Party With a Candy Theme

Pretty pink wedding cake table sign

(1) Theme – Sugary hues of lavender, pink, and white set the sweet flavor for this bridal shower party with a candy theme. A towering fondant cake and oval trays of goodies provide the backdrop for the guest favors on display—silk petal bags, flower-inspired favor bags, and lace purses all filled with more candy!

(2) Signage Details – To echo the sweet look, simply take a gold frame and slip in a white textured board with your party greeting written in gold glitter. This elegant sign fits right in with the feminine display, with lace cutouts and a string of pearls as finishing touches.

(3) Personalization Ideas – Here, the bride’s declaration “Ashley in Love” immediately makes the signage personal. You can also make your wedding sign your own by including memorable photos of yourself together with the expected bridal shower guests.

At an Easter-time Wedding Rehearsal Brunch

Easter treat table signage

(1) Theme – A playful springtime spirit pervades this wedding rehearsal brunch set around Easter. Amidst a cheery palette of yellow, pink, blue, and green, a garden patch is recreated to display the guest favors—brightly-glazed porcelain eggs filled with sweet treats.

(2) Signage Details – As a way of thanking the members of your wedding party, your favor display can feature a sign saying “From Us to You.” The sign is presented as whimsical potted plants, strung together by a ribbon streamer held by two fluttering birds.

(3) Personalization Ideas – Aside from the signage on wires, you can have the colored pots hold your favorite flowers as a couple or blooms like those in the first bouquet your fiancé gave you. Just be sure to select a color that suits this Easter-inspired display.

At a Vintage Fashion Bridal Shower Party

Vintage fashion bridal shower table signs.

(1) Theme – A velvet bowler hat, soft shawl, and hot pink feather boa immediately set the vintage fashion slant of this fun bridal shower party. Even the tokens awaiting guests are fashion-related—purse-shaped favor bags, porcelain shoes, embroidered drawstring pouches, and pomander-style sachets.

(2) Signage Details – The wedding sign for this occasion is fittingly fashionable as well. An oversize straw tote holding a bunch of pink gerbera daisies serves as a stand for the sign that declares “Aisle Style.” The sign itself is made from fuchsia paper edged with gold glitter, while the text is written with an artful flourish in metallic gold paint or ink.

(3) Personalization Ideas – To make this sign your own, replace the straw tote with one of your own bags that reflects your personal style. And the wording on the signage may be changed to your fun version of a fashion statement—”Hot Couture” perhaps, or “Bridal Belle”?

Other Table Name Ideas:

1. Places – Got a passion for traveling? Consider naming the reception tables after every special place visited by the bride and groom. It can have a European theme to it such as naming key sights such as the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or London Bridge. Or think about all the beautiful beaches in the world as the basis for naming the tables.

2. Characters – Let imaginary characters come to life by naming each table after a whimsical character from your favorite fairytale. Make each table sign bear a special design or pretty font that follows the artwork of your table theme. For something literary, consider famous authors or poets as the name of your tables.

3. Flowers – Having a wedding in a garden setting? Then consider naming each table after a favorite flower. Give each sign a different design based on the actual artwork of the flower. You can even place a meaningful description of the flower to accompany every table sign.

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