Agate Place Cards: Cool and Creative Wedding Decorations!

Fuchsia gold agate stones

Agate stones! Just about the coolest and prettiest gift from Mother Nature! The unique texture and color of these crystal rocks makes them perfect for presenting wedding place cards. Plus, they’re ideal for a variety of weddings styles from rustic to modern! Brides love them because they also serve as cool favors! See how you can use these geode beauties to decorate your tablescape today!

Inspiring and Pretty Agate Place Cards!

Inspiring and Pretty Agate Place Cards! for Weddings

  1. Agate Place Cards  – see these place cards from a museum wedding in San Diego that was featured on Refinery 29
  2. Agate Slice Geode Place Cards – available through etsy seller Lovely fest Goods
  3. Gold Calligraphy on Agate Place Cards – via the instagram page of A Fine Flourish
  4. Geode Place Cards – see a style shoot with a geode themed tablescape at Salt Lake Bride and Groom

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  1. Love seeing such creative and new ideas for wedding place cards These are really fun

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