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Craft a Wedding Wish Tree Perfect for Spring!

How-to: Make a Simple Spring Wedding Wish Tree

Bring the freshness of spring to your wedding celebration with a fun, interactive wedding wish tree! This way, guests get to be more than just spectators at the event. They can express their best wishes to you in a more personal way…and you get a lovely decorative keepsake that you can display in your home long after the wedding day.

Another great plus: since the “tree” is homemade, you can tailor its look and design to suit your particular party venue, theme, or color motif. Just take the basics from our procedure below, and let your creativity be inspired by the springtime spirit! Let’s make a Spring Wedding Wish Tree!

Supplies You Will Need

  1. Craft wire – a gauge that’s sturdy enough to hold its shape, but pliable enough for easy bending and twisting
  2. Decorative pot, vase, or urn
  3. Florist’s moss
  4. Green card stock, cut into leaf shapes
  5. Calligraphy pens or metallic markers
  6. Soy-based ink
  7. Clear glass bowl or sorbet dish
  8. Small decorative tray
  9. Raffia fiber (optional)
  10. Can of spray paint (optional)
  11. Scissors
  12. Pliers

Most of these supplies can be bought at home improvement stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot that have plant and gardening departments. You can also check out art supply stores! The rest you can simply find at home.

How to Craft Your Wedding Wish Tree

This is the finished tree you’re aiming for—or your own personal take on it. How to achieve this charming creation? Well, pick up those pliers and let’s begin!


To achieve this look of graceful wire swirls, start by cutting the craft wire into pairs of equal length (approximately 10″ to 12″ for the longer pairs, and 6″ to 8″ for the shorter ones). Then, bend each pair of wires into a matching swirl shape, keeping the curves nicely rounded and smooth. Hint: As you create the wire swirls, you may lay them flat on your work surface to plan how you will position them in the final tree. You may either position them in a symmetrical manner, as in our example, or arrange them “free form,” if you prefer. Move the pieces around until you’ve gotten the desired look.

Now, for the tree assembly. Cut 4 long pieces of wire to serve as the main “trunk.” Twist-tie these together with wire at one end to form a base and bend their other ends into swirls as well. To this basic form, begin to attach the wire swirls, twisting short wire ties around them at key points so they are secure. Keep working until the entire tree is nicely balanced and can stand upright.


Next come the accessories. Let’s start with the “leaf cards.” Pre-cut from green card stock, you can make them more lifelike by gently scoring a crease down the center of each one with the point of your scissors. Next, take the calligraphy pens and wind raffia fiber around them, if you wish an au naturel look, or cover them with pretty textured ribbon that matches your party palette.


Finally, prepare the writing ink—in this case, soy-based ink for an organic touch. Or you may also use gold or silver-based markers for a lovely look.


Pour some of the ink into a pretty glass bowl, and set all these accessories out on a decorative floral tray perfect for spring!


Now it’s time to see the total effect! Prop the wishing tree up in the container you’ve prepared. Hint: You may secure it in place with florist’s foam, medium-sized stones, or even newspaper packed in tightly around its base. Top the container off with a bed of moss and scatter more around the base. Then, lay the tray of accessories alongside, with blank leaf cards ready at hand.


This wishing tree is already a show-stopper in itself. But you can take it further. Why not have its display area double as a garden-themed favor table! How? By displaying these fresh-as-springtime rose flowerpots around the tree. Then, guests can each take one as they leave you their wedding wishes.

Remember, you can modify the tree’s design to suit your personal style and taste. So, feel free to make it truly your own. After all, it can grace your home for years to come—bringing back fond memories of your wedding day.

That’s not all! If you opt to store the wishing cards away in a wedding scrapbook, this tree could even take on a new role as your “anniversary tree.” Make your own leaf cards and, on that special day each year, tuck them onto the tree to surprise each other with loving anniversary greetings!

Other Creative Wedding Wish Displays

Manzanita tree – Named after “little apples” (manzanitas), this variation of the wedding wish tree would be just the thing for a festive Cinco de Mayo wedding. Or you could adapt the design to suit virtually any theme, season, or location. Simply cut the wishing cards in appropriate shapes in keeping with your motif—hearts for a Valentine’s event, shells for a beach-side celebration, or grape leaves and bunches of grapes for a wine-themed or Tuscan-inspired gathering.

Wishing jar – Take a trip down nostalgia lane. Choose a large glass container such as an apothecary jar, a crystal vase, or a glass candy jar. One with a shapely form or a classic footed design would be nice. Decorate it with a luxurious ribbon, and provide a stack of crisp, white stationery cards and individual envelopes. As guests leave the party, they drop their cards into the container—which will then be kept sealed for a year. On your 1st wedding anniversary, invite your guests over and open the envelopes up together as a fun way of remembering the special day!

Wishing well – For this whimsical concept, take a large decorative pot or glass cylindrical vase to serve as a “well.” Set up a giant scroll alongside, for guests to write their marriage wishes for you. Then, have a small signage inviting them to toss a few coins into the well to symbolize the wishes they’ve written—with the coins to be later donated to your favorite charity. Tip: This wishing well display would be perfect for an Easter-time wedding in a flower garden, or a reception inspired by an enchanting Midsummer Night’s Dream theme.

Wishing wall canvas – Want something different from a traditional wedding guest book? Have guests write on the wall instead…well almost. Prepare a canvas (or 2 or 3!) and provide small brushes and pots of paint, or broad marker pens. Guests can then brush on or write their personal messages for you on the canvas, and you end up with a keepsake work of art to remind you of this special occasion.

As you can see, the possibilities are almost endless! There’s no need to stick to a “tree.” Think of your own creative ways to make wedding wishing fun, personal and meaningful—for both you and your guests. We’d love to hear what ideas you come up with. So do share them with us!


  1. such a creative idea. thanks for sharing. we’re loving this. xoxo, chrissy from the perfect palette.

  2. Hi, Chrissy! Thanks for the gracious feedback. Loved your recent palette with all the shades of blue, plus gray & white. So elegant!

  3. I love this DIY tutorial! This would be so cute with the wire shaped like an umbrella and little water droplet tags for a shower!!!

    You guys never cease to amaze me!!!! My furoshiki hostess gift is getting given tomorrow! I’m so excited!

  4. Lissa, I adore this idea! There really are so many great tangents you can take this idea with different party or wedding themes! I love the wishing jar idea. 🙂

  5. I came for a visit. Great site. Alanna @poppylopparties

  6. Hi, HiLLjO! Your idea about shaping the wire into an umbrella with raindrop tags is a great one! Do share pics of your furoshiki wraps (will these be on your blog?).

    Hi, Heather! You’re right, so many variations can be done for this wishing tree concept. As you can tell from this article, we even went with “non-tree” ideas! Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

    Hi, Alanna! We’re so glad you came by The Wedding Bistro. Will be coming up with another spring-related article very soon!

  7. What a sweet DIY project! I love adding personal and thoughtful elements like this into a celebration!

  8. Glad you like it, Kori! There are so many creative DIY projects out there, but we do try to put a fresh spin on those we do for Bellenza’s Wedding Bistro. Thanks!

  9. Lovely! You make things look so easy. Will be sending my brides to your site for DIY ideas. Best Wishes to you!

  10. Wow, we truly appreciate that, Eileen! Our goal is really to help brides make stylish decisions about their wedding…whether they choose to go DIY or the more traditional approach. Have a great summer ahead!

  11. This is such a fun and cute idea!! LOving it 🙂

    Fancy Frugal Life

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