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Craft Recycled Light Bulbs into Christmas Ornaments

Red light bulb favor with glitter

If you’re throwing a bridal shower party this holiday season, then you have that air of celebration all around you! But with all the holiday costs plus the upcoming wedding, why not craft your own fun and festive shower favors: bead-encrusted light bulb ornaments. They’re a great eco-friendly project and so easy to make. Plus, the bride-to-be and her guests will remember this special occasion each time they trim their Christmas trees!

From Used Bulb to Beaded Holiday Ornament

Red light bulb with glitter

1. Gather several discarded light bulbs (at least one per expected guest). If possible, select those in different shapes and sizes for a really pretty favor display!
2. Prepare glass beads and glitter in your chosen colors—either to match your party palette or to suit the season.
3. Brush a generous layer of crafting glue onto a discarded light bulb and roll it in the beads and glitter, making sure that the bulb’s surface is entirely covered. Allow to dry.
4. Twist a length of crafting wire around the base of each bulb to serve as a hanger, then trim each ornament with a raffia bow.
5. Repeat this process with the other bulbs, using different colors of beads and glitter as well.

Crafting light bulb with red glitter and raffia

6. To prepare the ornaments for giving, wrap each one in sheer organza fabric or tulle—the better to show off their glittery beaded finish.
7. Add charming favor tags made from card stock scraps, edged with beads, too, of course!
8. Then, come party time, display the packaged ornaments all together in a pretty basket.

Christmas wrapping on ornaments

Host a Fun Crafts’ Themed Bridal Shower Party!

Prior to the celebration, ask guests to each bring items they can recycle into Christmas ornaments. For your part, have on hand some extra light bulbs and a whole array of colored beads. That way, everyone has loads of fun swapping recycling tips, as well as items they craft on the spot. Then, they each go home with the light bulb favors you’ve prepared—plus the ones they’ve decorated themselves! Now, that should be one fun holiday bridal shower!

Presenting ornaments in basket

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  1. What a cute and creative idea!

  2. Thanks so much, Maria! We really had fun creating these ornaments 🙂

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