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Crafty + Unique Ways to Make Your Table Numbers Stand Out

Gold glitter table number by Bellenza

Take your wedding party table numbers from ho-hum to wow! Sure, they serve the practical purpose of guiding guests to their assigned seating. But who says they can’t be eye-catching and exciting, too? We’re thrilled, then, to be able to share with you 6 clever tips and tricks for creating table numbers that guests will not only notice, but will exclaim over and compliment you for!

These tips revolve around key approaches you can use to make those numbers stand out: 1) materials, 2) positioning, 3) lighting, 4) framing, 5) playing up the party theme and 6) integrating in the centerpieces. Take your cue from these, then customize them to suit your own celebration.

Tip #1: Materials

Bird seed table number

Why simply print out number cards, when innovative materials can make a huge difference? For table numbers with an eco-chic spin, for instance, craft cardboard number cutouts encrusted with seeds, beans, and grains. The rich texture and varied colors make for great visual impact! Option: For a different table setting, you could even use materials like fur and faux gems.

Tip #2: Positioning

Glitter red table number

How you position your table numbers is another key factor. Mount them on tall table items—a faux rose plant (see above) or even a bamboo stick (see below) as shown here—to immediately increase their visibility. In addition to height, it’s a good idea to use striking colors like red or gold for your table numbers, as well as a glittery finish.

Numbers in 3 and 4 gold glitter

Tip #3: Lighting

Sand table numbers in number 2 form.

Illuminating your table number is like casting a spotlight on it—again increasing visibility to help guests seek out their tables. But do so with romance and elegance in mind! Use tea lights or votive candles to make the numbers stand out, while bathing the entire table in a warm, golden glow. See the DIY for this sand table number.

Tip #4: Framing

Framed number in picture frame.

Using frames to set off your table numbers may seem commonplace. But not if you choose ones as striking as this lustrous abalone shell frame. Select frames that are large enough to call attention to the number, and that have a distinctive texture and finish that make them eye-catching table accents in their own right.

Tip #5: Playing Up the Theme

Clapper number

Here is where the fun comes in! Play up the theme of your wedding party in every decorative detail—including the table numbers. For a Hollywood-inspired bridal shower, for instance, set out table numbers disguised as film segment “clappers.” Instead of simply displaying a numeral, label each clapper “Take 1,” “Take 2,” “Take 3” and so on!

Music number in gold glitter

For an engagement dinner with a classical music or opera-inspired theme, create table numbers in tune with the whole concept. Use sheet music as background for the number cutouts covered in shimmery gold glitter. Then, add other musical accent pieces alongside to complete the look.

Tip #6: Integrated with Your Centerpiece

Broom stick number

If your wedding theme is seasonal or holiday inspired, vignette-style centerpieces can provide great showpieces for your table numbers. Take our Halloween-themed tablescape, for instance. We crafted witches’ broomsticks to mount the numbers on!

Other creative table number ideas:

  1. Balloon table numbers – For the kids’ tables at your wedding party, captivate the little ones with balloons as table number “holders.” Hang a number card from each balloon or trace the number on the balloon with glue, and then cover it in glitter.
  2. Edible table numbers – Depending on your wedding party theme, consider using breadsticks formed into numbers, soft gel candies strung on wire and shaped into numbers, or even Styrofoam numbers covered with Jordan almonds or M&Ms.
  3. Table names instead of numbers – In place of the usual numbers, identify your party tables with names! For a beach-themed event, you could use different seashell names; for a garden wedding, the names of different flowers; for a well-traveled couple, the names of your favorite international destinations. (See our related article on Unique Table Names.)


  1. What neat ideas! I love the big sparkly numbers. 😉 Thanks for joining the Family Joy Link Party.

  2. Hi Samantha! Really appreciate your stopping by. And so glad you like our table number ideas!

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