DIY Chair Wreath Place Card Holder for Fall Weddings


Planning a rustic, organic look for your fall time wedding? Great choice, particularly if you’re also into crafting and the whole eco-friendly approach to decorating an event! Just imagine the fabulous colors, textures, and natural materials provided by the change of seasons. All these at your fingertips (literally!) for DIY projects to dress up your Big Day. A perfect example is our chair wreath place card holder for your wedding reception chairs. It plays upon the popularity of handcrafted wreaths at this time of year. And when we say simple, we mean minimal crafting skills required. So, come join us for some wreath making!

Step 1: Gather the needed materials.

DIY Chair Wreath Place Card Holder for Fall Weddings. What Materials to Use.

“Gathering” your materials is actually pretty literal here, since the main item can be picked up from your own backyard or a nearby forested area. The rest of the supplies, you most likely already have on hand.

  • – grapevine stems or other similar woody vines, with all leaves removed
  • – raw twine or string
  • – raffia
  • – pre-printed place cards
  • – glue gun
  • – scissors and/or cutter

Step 2: Soften the woody vine by soaking in tap water.

A DIY Chair Wreath. Soak the vines in water.

The dry vine will start out quite stiff. So in order to make it more pliable, you’ll need to hold it under running tap water or soak it in a basin of water.

As the vine starts to absorb the moisture, you’ll be able to bend it into a progressively tighter and tighter circle (as shown in the photos).

Step 3: Form the vine into a small wreath.

Create a small wreath from the small vines.

Once it’s been softened, you can then form the vine into a circle roughly the size of your hand. Tuck in or twist any loose ends, so that it has a fairly neat finish. But not too neat! Remember, the look is rustic.

Step 4: Tie the wreath in shape with raw twine.

Tie the wreath with raw twine or similar material that can hold the vines together.

Take a length of raw twine or string and use it to secure the vine in its circular shape. Wind it around that point a number of times and knot it tightly, leaving at least 6 inches excess to be used later.

Repeat this process for as many chair accents as you will need.

Step 5: Glue on the prepared place cards.

Glue place cards to the finished wreath.

Using the glue gun, attach your pre-printed name cards for the guests to the finished wreaths. We used simple matte gold card stock with the guests’ names printed in a casual script font. But you could, of course, choose other colors and shapes to suit your own reception theme. If you prefer, you may also punch a hole in the cards and attach them to the wreath by tyinge them with a ribbon, burlap string, or twine.

You may even embellish the wreaths with dried autumn leaves, berries, or burlap bows in keeping with the rest of your table decor.

Step 6: Use the finished wreaths to dress up your reception chairs, or as escort cards for guests to find their seats.

Chair wreath as a place card holder for autumn weddings. A DIY from the Wedding Bistro at Bellenza.

Finally, at the reception, hang the wreaths on the back rest of each guest’s seat using the excess twine you had provided for that.

Create your own wreath place card holder for fall.

Alternatively, you could use these wreaths as quaint escort cards! Simply add the guests’ assigned table numbers to their name cards, and display these on a welcome table for them to take to find their seats. By the way, did we say that you’ve just finished making your favors, too!

Now, we did say it was easy, right? Ready to make these for your own fall season wedding?


  1. So cute perfect for fall!

  2. So glad you like this project, Valerie! And you can dress up the wreaths with any fall trimmings you like — or even for Thanksgiving or Christmas!

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