DIY Ideas: Themed Welcome Signs for Casual Weddings

Castaway beach welcome signage

First impressions are key! And that definitely goes for the welcome signage at your next wedding gathering. Let your guests know right off if this is going to be an elegant, formal affair; a playful, game-filled party; a casual outdoor gathering; or an amazing themed experience where you’ve pulled out all the decorative stops! And you can do just that by making your own creative welcome sign and display.

No computer printout taped onto the venue door, please! Go for something that’s unique, eye-catching, and clearly made for the occasion. To help get the ideas going, we’ve gathered four fun welcome displays—each based on a distinct theme. Check out how each one was put together, then get ready to craft one of your own!

Pop Art Signage for a Fun Engagement Party

Pop Art Signage and Favor Display Table for a Fun Engagement Party

Key elements for a pop art-style welcome display:

  • – a papier maché relief signage
  • – vivid color accents
  • – favors in edgy packaging
  • – a “tribute to Twiggy” mannequin

Remember the cool pop art of the 1960s? Okay, you probably weren’t even born by that decade! All the same, pop art is still very much around in new forms in contemporary culture. Bold geometric graphics, loud multiple colors, Warhol-style posters—all in all, just great visual fun! Imagine that vibe brought to your engagement party with a vibrant color palette, edgy decorations, and of course a quirky welcome signage display to match! See our pop art styled shoot for more ideas on planning this theme.

Welcome display how-to:

  1. Prepare a piece of plywood to fit inside a large frame (feel free to recycle ones you have).
  2. Create the couple’s names on the plywood using heavy rope sealed in with papier maché, for an artsy “relief” effect.
  3. Once completely dry, brush a layer of metallic paint over the entire sign. Allow to dry.
  4. Finally, apply a very thin layer of black paint to seep into the textured surface and create the look of beaten metal.
  5. Mount the finished signage in the frame, and tuck in “photo corners” trimmed with colorful crazy-cut paper shapes.
  6. Display the sign on a welcome table, together with your party favors packaged in clear acetate boxes with the multi-colored tissue paper showing through.
  7. Then, for a really fun pop art statement, stand a dressmaker’s mannequin alongside draped with cool accessories as a tribute to ’60s fashion icon and “queen of mod” Twiggy!*

*Twiggy continues to be a figure in the fashion scene, and was a guest panelist on the hit reality series America’s Next Top Model.

A Palm Tree Greeting for a Caribbean-themed Rehearsal Party

A Palm Tree Greeting for a Caribbean-themed Rehearsal Party

Key elements for a cheery Jamaican greeting sign:

  • free-hand letter cutouts
  • a frame of dried palm leaves
  • hot orange and yellow trimmings
  • a you-can’t-miss-it spot: up on a palm tree!

“Wa gwan?” What’s going on, indeed! That’s exactly what you’d like guests to ask as they walk into your informal wedding rehearsal dinner party with a casual Caribbean theme. Picture the sunny garden venue decked out in tropical colors and prints, yummy food on the grill, and a truly creative welcome sign to greet everyone. For more ideas on this theme, check our Caribbean styled shoot.

Welcome display how-to:

  1. Cut out the letters of your welcome greeting from a natural-colored material like handmade paper, burlap, or textured board. (Ours spell out the Jamaican slang greeting “Wa gwan” used like “What’s up?” or “How’s it goin’?”)
  2. Mount these on a sheet of heavy board with a hot glue gun.
  3. Create a frame for the sign from a dried palm leaf, twisted into a rope-like form.
  4. Hot glue this frame around the edges of the sign.
  5. Attach the sign to a palm tree trunk*—as high up as possible while still being readable!
  6. Add bright orange and yellow fabric trimmings to catch the attention of arriving guests.

*No palm trees at your party venue? A non-tropical tree will do just fine, or even a garden trellis or roof deck beam.

A Latin Jazz “Hello” for a Wedding Cocktail Party

Latin Jazz Welcome Signage Frame

Key elements to play some smooth jazz “welcome” notes:

  • a saxophone welcome graphic
  • an antique-finish frame
  • a pile of woven hats as welcome props
  • Latin jazz music playing in the background

Recreate the look and feel of a cool Latin jazz hangout at a wedding cocktail party with several cozy tables for guests to mingle at, including an appetizer and beverage station to serve themselves Rum Cokes, mojitos, and Cuban coffee. But before they get to these, greet them at the entryway with a welcome display that hits all the right notes.

Welcome display how-to:

  1. On art board or a sheet of plywood, paint a simple graphic artwork of a saxophone or other jazz instrument and add your welcome text.
  2. Mount this in a large frame with an antique-style finish.
  3. Display the framed sign on a small table by the party entrance, with a Latin jazz CD playing to set the mood.
  4. Have a pile of woven hats on hand for each guest to take, wear at the party, then bring home as mementos of this fun theme!

A Whimsical Welcome to a “Castaway” Wedding Brunch

Beach welcome sign with favors for guests

Key elements for an inviting beach-themed display:

  • a “declaration of love” mini-poster
  • a white picket fence as backdrop
  • gold picture frames as favors
  • palm leaves and raffia fiber for ambiance
  • a sample bridesmaid’s bouquet

A wedding reception brunch is always a fun occasion. It’s a great option for at-home or intimate weddings in the company of close family and friends. Convey that feeling of intimacy and nostalgia with a whimsical “Castaway” party theme. And to start the event off, usher guests in with a charming little welcome-and-favor display!

Welcome display how-to:

  1. Craft a whimsical “Guy (heart) Girl” sign with an intentionally hand-painted look.
  2. Assemble a picket fence backdrop from strips of heavy board or plywood painted white.
  3. Mount the signage on this backdrop, and surround it with loose palm leaves and bundles of raffia fiber for that “lost on a desert island” look.
  4. Display elegant gold frames that each bridesmaid will receive as a keepsake.
  5. Lay out a lovely white nosegay as a sneak peek of the ladies’ accessories at the ceremony.


  1. Cute ideas. I love the castaway theme! Thank you for sharing on Family Joy Link-up Party. Have a great week!

  2. These are such cute ideas! I wish I would’ve followed blogs closer and had Pinterest when my husband and I got married. I did do a few DIYs though. 😉
    Thanks for sharing with us! #MMBH

  3. Hi Cristina! We were thrilled to link up at Family Joy Link-up Party. So glad you like our castaway welcome display idea!

  4. Hi Mrs. AOK! Wedding DIYs are always such a great personal touch. Thanks for your kind comment on our share!

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