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DIY Wedding Luminaries: So Simple and Fun To Make!

Wedding luminaries that you can DIY

How can you not love candlelight? Its glow brings a whole new aura to a party scene—making any occasion look extra special! One of your best options is to use luminaries! In this tutorial, we show you three simple projects using different materials from paper to raffia! Be ready to see how you can transform ordinary candles into dazzling table decorations. And for more inspiration, we found four great ideas from blogs that we just couldn’t resist to share!

Use Glass Cubes with Gold Cutouts for a Chic Touch

Gold hearts glued on cube vases for votive luminaries

: glass cube vases, gold metallic paper or light board, scissors or cutter, glue

1. Cut hearts of various sizes out of the gold paper or board.
Tip: We suggest “free handing” this instead of using a cutting template or pattern, to result in more dynamic, free-form cutouts. For the sizes of the hearts, estimate fitting 4 pieces on each side of a glass cube.

2. Put small dabs of glue on the reverse side of each heart and attach them to the glass cubes in a random arrangement.
Tip: Since the backs of the hearts will be somewhat visible on the inside of the clear glass, choose a white glue that says it will dry clear. Also, applying just a dab here and there will make it easy to remove the hearts after the party, wash the cubes, and re-use them for another event.

3. Place a votive candle in each finished luminary, and light these just as guests arrive for the party.
Tip: You may opt to put some decorative sand (available in glittery gold, too!) at the bottom of each luminary, and then nestle the candles on top.

Gold Encased Cylinders for an Opulent Look

Gold luminaries

Design A – Materials: tall glass cylinders (in different heights and circumferences, if you wish), gold metallic paper or board, scissors or cutter, pointed implement like a crochet hook or large crafting needle, cork board, glue

1. Measure and cut the gold paper/board to fit around each glass cylinder.
2. Lay the gold paper/board flat on top of the cork board, and create a decorative pattern by piercing holes in it with the crochet hook or large needle.
3. Once the pierced design is complete, secure the gold paper/board around the cylinders with a few dabs of glue. With tea lights or votive candles inside, the candle glow will light up the design from within!


Design B – Materials: large glass cylinders, rice paper or parchment, gold foil paper, cardboard, scissors or cutter, glue


1. Cut the rice paper or parchment to fit around each glass cylinder; and secure it in place with a few dabs of glue.
2. Cut the gold foil paper to create a metallic band along the top portion of each cylinder; and glue this in place as well.
3. Cut exotic-looking symbols out of the cardboard (2 per cylinder) and glue these onto the inner surface of each glass cylinder. Then, when the candles inside are lit, these designs will be prettily outlined against the rice paper or parchment!

Raffia Wrapped Vases for Rustic Charm

Raffia twine tied around glass cylindrical vases

Materials: large glass vases of different heights and circumferences, loose raffia fiber


1. Wind the raffia fiber around the glass vases in a casual, almost random manner—leaving open gaps between each layer.
2. Twist, knot, and tuck in any loose ends of the fiber as needed, to create an interesting texture and a rustic look.
3. Arrange the wrapped vases down the center of the table. What a sight it’ll be when the candles inside them are all lit up at the party!

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  1. These are absolutely beautiful! I love candlelight and you found such creative ways to make it look even more elegant and romantic.

  2. Hi Iris! You always have such encouraging words for us. We truly appreciate it. Hope you and your family had a wonderful summer. 🙂

  3. Hi Lissa I love the ambiance that these little luminarias bring to a table setting on a formal occasion or just a family get together! I’m really like who the raffia ones look and I think they will be perfect for Fall! Thank You so much for sharing at the Fluster Buster Party! Come join us next week with more of your creative ideas! Lizy your party co host!

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