How to Craft a DIY Welcome Sign for a Valentine’s Wedding

Welcome Sign with Paper Flowers

Want to express a heartfelt welcome to your Valentine’s wedding guests? One sure way to do so would be with a vibrant Valentine-red signage, decked out in flowers!

To help you create such a sign, we put together a super-easy DIY project that would get you the visual impact without a ton of tedious steps. The secret is that some components may be store-bought instead of made from scratch, for those who aren’t exactly the crafty type. So, shall we move on to the tutorial?

Crafting Your Valentine’s Welcome Sign

Step 1 – Obtain the needed materials.

Materials for paper flower project

What you will need:

  1. a large box with a sturdy body, such as a file storage box or heavy-duty gift box
  2. ready-made wooden “welcome” lettering available at craft supply stores, approximately 4 inches high or proportionate to the size of your box (see note below)
  3. bright red tissue paper or crepe paper
  4. transparent tape
  5. hot glue gun
  6. scissors

Note: You can also purchase wooden or foam letters that are sold as separate pieces for kids’ craft projects. Then, simply hot-glue them together before mounting in Step 4 below. If they come unpainted, you can always paint them in your desired color(s).

Step 2 – Make dozens of tissue-paper flowers.

How to make paper flowers

Okay, we know we said no tedious steps! But this is actually very easy.

  1. Simply cut the red tissue paper into 4-5 inch wide strips.
  2. Keeping the strips folded, trim one edge of each strip into deep petal-shaped scallops.
  3. Unfold the strips and proceed to roll each one up tightly, bunching the straight edge together to form a “stem” and leaving the scalloped edge free.
  4. Secure the stem portion with tape and fluff up the petals.
  5. Repeat this step over and over (and over and over!) until you have enough flowers to cover all 4 sides of the box—or at least 3 sides, if you plan to position your welcome sign against a wall.

Step 3 – Glue the flowers to the box.

Attach rose paper flowers on box

Proceed to cover the box with the paper flowers.

  1. With the glue gun, put a generous dab of glue on the stem of each flower and attach it to the surface of the box.
  2. Continue gluing, keeping the flowers tightly positioned alongside one another for a dense, full coverage.
  3. Make additional flowers at this point, if your initial estimate falls short.
  4. Once the box is fully covered, allow the glue to dry thoroughly. Then, fluff up the petals for a really pretty finish!

Step 4 – Apply glue to the “Welcome” letters.

Apply glue on the box

Here is where you either:

  1. hot glue the individual wooden letters together, or
  2. simply apply glue to the bottom edge of the pre-made “Welcome” sign

For the more crafty among you, an alternative to a store-bought sign would be painting your own lettering on a flat wooden plank or board. Although the effect of free-standing, cutout letters is more suited to this particular signage project.

Step 5 – Mount the letters on the top of the box.

Welcome letters on box

Now, for the final step.

  1. Press the sign firmly in place along the top front edge of the box.
  2. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly and check that the sign is securely attached.

Note: As you can see, we hadn’t completed the flower gluing at this point. So you could actually mount the “Welcome” lettering at any point of the process. Then, go on to cover the entire box with flowers.

Step 6 – Display the finished signage at the party!

Wedding welcome sign - Valentine's party

Let your welcome sign set the tone for your chic and modern Valentine’s wedding party. Be sure to place the finished sign on a table covered with an elegant tablecloth. You may also want to incorporate the sign as part of your guestbook or gift table. Guests are certain not to miss it!


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