HOW-TO: Simple Ways to Decorate Ghost Chairs for Weddings

Ghost chairs for weddings

Don’t we all love the enchantment of a wintertime wedding? Especially with all the sparkly decorations that bring magic to the scene! So as part of our Winter Engagement Dinner styled shoot, we made sure to glitter up even the chairs with a sprinkling of pretty snowflakes! Take a look at our simple how-to for decorating ghost chairs. Then, use this to inspire your own snowy spin on your wedding guest seating.

Materials that you will need are:

1. clear acrylic ‘ghost’ chairs (we were so lucky to have these for our set!)

2. snowflake decals in varied designs and sizes (see sourcing options below)

Winter chairs decorations with ghost chairs

Step 1: Wipe each chair back thoroughly with a soft cloth, to remove any dust, grease spots, or finger marks. This will also ensure that the decals adhere well to the surface.

[Special note: If you will be hiring your chairs, be sure to get prior clearance from the supplier that you will be attaching decals to their items!]

Step 2: Pre-select which designs and sizes of snowflakes will go on each chair. Make sure that you have enough to decorate all of them.

Snow decals on ghost chairs

Step 3: Simply eyeball how you’ll position the decals on each chairback. Peel off the backing and attach each snowflake, taking care to avoid wrinkles, folds, and air bubbles.

Step 4: For added sparkle, you may even dab a bit of silver glitter glue on each snowflake, or glue on a few rhinestones here and there!

Step 5: After the event, carefully peel off the decals without the use of any sharp tools (blades, scissors, knives, even fingernails). Use bare fingers and a lot of patience! Your chair supplier will love you for it!


Here are other unique ways of decorating ghost chairs:

1. add personalized monograms of the bride and groom

2. attach swirling ribbons to the chair handles

3. vary the color of the ghost chairs in hues of blue

4. add colored seating cushions in a shapely form

5. place hanging ornaments from the chair handles or backing of the chair

Don’t have access to ‘ghost’ chairs? You can simply use whatever seating you have available and hang garlands of snowflake cutouts on their backs instead!


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Wondering where to source snowflake decals? Here are some options:

1. buy from vendors listed on etsy

2. craft them with your Silhouette Cameo machine and this tutorial from the Shabby Creek Cottage

3. make your own kiddie-craft snowflake window clings from Cool2Craft on Youtube


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