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How-to: Using Fruits as Card Holders {Clever + Crafty}

Orange card holder and white table napkins

Often it’s the creative touches and clever accents that really catch guests’ eyes. In this case, we’re focusing on a ‘fruity’ idea for your card holders—whether for buffet labels, place cards, table names or numbers, or mini signs. So get your printables ready this summer. Gather your favorite fruits. And let’s craft those card holders. It’s time to try something different as table decor!

What Fruits to Use as Card Holders

Depending on the season of the year, the theme and color scheme of your event, and what’s available where you are, you may choose from:

  1. citrus fruits – oranges, lemons, limes
  2. firm or fleshy fruits – apples, pears, mangoes, peaches
  3. large fruits that can be sliced or sectioned – watermelons, pineapples, cantaloupes
  4. special ‘decorative’ fruits – coconuts, dragon fruit, star fruit

Crafting the Card Holders for your Tables

Buffet table at Havana Night

Again, a lot depends on your party setting and motif, but a general how-to would be:

  1. Make the fruit stable, if necessary, by slicing off a thin layer of its skin or rind on its bottom side.
  2. To add height, stack smaller fruits (like the oranges in the photo of our Havana Night’s party theme).
  3. For an interesting effect, cut the fruit into halves, slices, or wedges. Also, use cookie cutters for even more unique shapes!
  4. Prepare appetizer picks, wooden skewers, barbecue sticks, or even lengths of wire with one end bent into a card-holding shape.
  5. Stick these into the fruit and position the fruit holders where desired on your food or dessert buffet, drinks bar, welcome display, or party tables. Do remember, that they can also serve as place card holders!
  6. Finally, attach or insert the cards or labels when the holders are in place to avoid accidentally soiling the signs or smearing the text with fruit juice.

That’s it! Fun, fast, and even budget-friendly fruity card holders for your wedding celebration!

From You: Have you used fruits in a creative way for your own special occasions? Do share some pics so we can feature them.



  1. Love using citrus as decor! Gorgeous ideas.

  2. Thank you, Aleah and Nick! We’ve been huge admirers of your wedding and party styling for years. So nice of you to stop by. 🙂

  3. I can do this with peaches! Thinking of for my summer wedding place settings.

  4. Jennifer T – That sounds like a really fantastic idea! Peaches will make for a really soft and pretty place setting. 🙂

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