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Offbeat and Cool: Ring Pillows for your Ceremony!

Book ring pillow with antique look

What fun it was to search the web for the most innovative ring pillows to share as DIY wedding inspiration. Imagine that some aren’t even pillows at all! Although these items are available ready-made online, we chose those that you could quite easily recreate on your own. Just imagine presenting your wedding bands at the ceremony using one of these truly unique ring pillow alternatives!

Unusual ring pillows

1 – We’ve seen this pristine ivory ceramic ring bearer bowl featured several times, and just had to include it among our finds! A creation of Paloma’s Nest, it can be customized with your own personal wordings, ideal for hanging in your home after the wedding and passing on as a family heirloom!

2 – This is actually a vintage linen/cotton tea towel calendar transformed into a sweet little ring pillow! Who would have thought? Etsy shop Giggle Room customizes each calendar pillow by embroidering a heart around your wedding date. Makes a darling keepsake afterwards!

3 – Why not re-purpose a family heirloom or antique shop find into a quaint backdrop or carrier for your wedding rings? This vintage book ring holder idea we found on Texas Wedding Guide (attributed to 200 Dollar Weddings) would be a cinch to recreate. Just secure the rings with a strip of burlap or a length of antique lace.

4 – Have the world on a string at your wedding! Imagine this mini vintage-inspired globe used to present your wedding bands at a travel-themed wedding or one that celebrates your multi-cultural union! Available from etsy shop My Haley Girl.

5 – Yes, this is a ring “pillow”! This birch wood block with customizable metal plate, available at etsy shop Olive & Fern (featured on Etsy Wedding), is sure to be an attention grabber at a rustic, woodsy-themed ceremony or even a chic, modern one.

6 – Book lovers may flinch, but you have to admit these handmade book safes are perfect for holding a mini ring pillow for that walk down the aisle. You can order these from the Pommes Frites shop, which carefully selects each book for its looks and title. They even have book safes with heart-shaped cutouts inside!

More Ideas You Can Use

Consider items that are shapely and require little assembly such as using a piece of driftwood, an open seashell, and other organic materials.

Do you have a truly unique idea for a ring pillow that hasn’t been presented yet? Let us know! Leave a comment below.

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