Tips for Making a Nautical Welcome Table Vignette at Your Wedding

Nautical vignette how-to for a wedding welcome table

We’ve always loved how vignettes can create a styling statement with just a few well-chosen elements. Minimal effort, but great impact! This particular example would be great for a nautical-themed wedding. But it was actually a spur-of-the-moment spin off from a nautical-themed styled shoot we were working on for a children’s birthday party!

We spotted some extra props we had on hand—classic books on sea stories, a miniature ‘treasure chest,’ a large seashell, some rope netting, and a few handfuls of sand. A bit of draping here, a minute or two of assembling and arranging there…and voila!

How to Assemble Props for a Nautical Welcome Table

How to Assemble Props for a Nautical Welcome Table | styled by the Wedding Bistro at Bellenza

What is this useful for?

This little display that could serve as a focal point at the entryway to your nautical-themed wedding; or on your guest book table (guests could drop their “wishing scrolls” into the treasure chest), dessert buffet, or drinks bar.

Some easy tips for creating this vignette:

  1. Source vintage books – Visit any antique or second-hand bookstore and look for classic ‘sea tales’ like The Old Man and the Sea, Moby Dick, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Or you may have these in your home library.
  2. Scope out a nautical supply shop – Look out for old maps, rope, fishing nets, compasses, and other nautical props that would complete the look!
  3. Get some sand and shells – Get creative here! You can probably buy a small sack of sand and shells at a shop selling aquarium supplies or at a gardening or landscaping outlet.

That’s how quick and easy creating a vignette can be! A sea-worthy idea, don’t you think?


  1. I so love how you work a nautical theme! Thanks for joining us again at Celebrate Your Story.

  2. Thrilled that you stopped by, Sandra! We’ll surely be linking up often to your great party. Thanks so much!

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