Unique Groomsmen’s Favors You Can Make Yourself – Chess Ties!

Chess ties

Okay, so groomsmen’s gifts are best kept practical. But that doesn’t mean their presentation should be ho-hum. Not at all! Here’s one groomsmen’s gift presentation that is sure to be the talk of the party. It’s simple to put together, but it’s got coolness written all over it. All you will need are some gorgeous men’s ties (that’s the practical part) and a replica of a chessboard—and you’re ready to transform the ties into unique chess pieces!

Materials you will need:

1. Men’s Neckties (Hint: Consider preppy stripes, whimsical themed designs, or paisley patterns.)
2. Sewing pins
3. A large checkered board; the size is up to you! (Hint: You can also improvise by painting a square of plywood or sturdy cardboard.)

Making the Chess Ties:

Men's ties are rolled

1. Lay the tie flat on the table, with the reverse side facing up and the wide end pointing to you. Take the tip nearest you, and fold it upward to begin rolling the tie.

2. Keep the roll tight from the start, so that it will hold its shape.

3. As you continue rolling the tie, guide the fabric so that the succeeding layers extend slightly beyond the layers underneath.

4. See how the rolled tie has taken on a “telescope” shape.

Roll telescope shape

5. As you come to the narrow end of the tie, stand the rolled tie on end and grasp the remaining loose fabric.

6. Form this extra fabric into a base by wrapping it several times around the bottom end of the rolled tie.

7. Take a sewing pin and stick it through the very tip of the tie.

8. Push the pin into the base as far as it will go, to secure your finished creation!

Repeat this procedure for all the groomsmen’s ties. Then, grab that chessboard…

Ready to see the result? Check out the possibilities!

Ties wiht tags

Here, we’ve set up the ties as pieces on the chessboard. Now, that’s a presentation that’s sure to wow your guests! You can tuck a name tag into each one for your groomsmen to “claim” at the end of the party. Or you can hold a game where each one ends up winning the tie of his choice!

But do feel free to use these ties as non-chess pieces, too. Some suggestions to make them extra special:

1. At your rehearsal dinner, you can use these rolled ties as nifty place card holders for the male entourage members—while the ladies have different card holders. Then, these are all taken home afterwards as favors.

2. Select ties in colors, patterns, and textures that match the motif or theme of your groomsmen’s party, engagement luncheon, or rehearsal dinner. That way, while still at the party, they can complement the surrounding decor and even serve as conversation pieces!

3. Prepare extra-special ties for the fathers of the bride and groom. As a warm gesture, tuck in a personalized note of thanks to these important men in your lives.


  1. Patricia (2009 summer bride)

    Wow! I’m totally in love with this concept. I’d love to do it as a surprise for the groomsmen. After all, they should get just as much “wedding” attention.

  2. Melissa (mom of the bride)

    We can’t get over how creative this is! Now, we’re trying to think of an improvised “chess game” to give these groomsmen’s gifts out at my daughter’s rehearsal dinner. Should be fun!

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