Wedding Menu Card Display Ideas: Easy and Elegant!

Havana Theme Party Menu Card  - The Bellenza Wedding Blog

Often an afterthought when it comes to wedding party tables, menu cards can actually be pretty decor elements! You can design, decorate and embellish them to be eye-catching accent pieces on their own. Or you can go with even the simplest cards but then position them stylishly to complement your chosen theme.

You can see this demonstrated in four of our own sets below. The menu cards themselves are low key and nothing fancy, simply listing the food and drinks to be served. But it’s how each one works with the rest of the place setting elements that we feel you’d find helpful for your own table styling. Easy, economical, elegant!

Blending In at a Tapas Party Bridal Shower

Hosting a tapas party-style bridal shower? What a great excuse to bring on a rich color palette of reds, golds and greens! Here, we had our menu card simply mounted on fern green cardstock to match the earthy color palette of this casual tablescape. Shell trays are used to display appetizers alongside each menu card.

Tapas Party Menu Card Example - The Bellenza Wedding Blog

Joining a Havana Nights Engagement Party

For a colorful and laid-back Cuban-inspired engagement party, your menu cards can get in on the fun, too! This time, we left our card unadorned and simply used an informal font to print on ivory card stock. Then, we let the other table elements—like the cigar box centerpiece and the cigar-shaped table napkins—play up the Havana theme.

Havana Nights Reception Theme - The Bellenza Wedding Blog

Notice, though, the mention of “this is Mark’s favorite dish” for the roasted chicken entree? This is one way to personalize your menu cards with bits of trivia about the two of you—and maybe even have a game about these among your guests!

Going Chic at a Modern-Vintage Soiree

For a wedding shower with a look that’s both vintage and contemporary, we used a classic pink and black palette with feminine, frilly table elements. Has a Parisian air to it, too, don’t you think? And to suit this lovely scene, we used a double matting of pink on black cardstock to frame our menu card in style. We also chose a graceful font printed in magenta ink.

Pink and Black Vintage Menu Card Display - The Bellenza Wedding Blog

For display options for your menu cards, you could insert them amidst romantic rose-and-candle centerpieces shown here, or lay them atop each guest’s place setting held by a single pink rose bud or a sweet cameo-style cookie!

Channeling a Cool Beach Party Vibe

Among our most popular tablescapes is this cool, serene setting in sky blue, ivory, and neutrals. Even the menu card styling is understated—crisp white card stock on a soft ivory background is set in contrast to a simple yet bright bougainvillea centerpiece. The only embellishment is a golden seashell, a perfect match for the shell frame displaying the guest’s place card.

Menu Card in a Seashell Picture Frame - The Bellenza Wedding Blog

Alternatively, you could stand the menu cards in lovely handcrafted seashell place card holders (shown below).

Seashell Card Holder for Menu Card Display Idea  - The Bellenza Wedding Blog

So, how was that for easy, economical and elegant menu card ideas? We’re certain you can come up with your own creative ways of transforming those simple lists from merely practical to mighty pretty!

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