Wine & Cheese Tasting: Winter Engagement Party Series – Idea #1

Wine cheese board on glass coffee table for Christmas party

So, you’re engaged! Definitely a reason to celebrate. But with the winter season already bursting with holiday revelry, you’re probably looking to keep your engagement party simple but still very special. So, we decided to come up with a series based on 4 of our sets that would make perfect ‘pegs’ for an at-home gathering that’s hip and contemporary—while expressing your personal style as a couple.

Let’s get this series rolling with Idea #1, shall we? Then, do follow along with us for Ideas #2, #3 and #4. This is going to be fun!

Chic, Casual Wine & Cheese Tasting

A Wine and Cheese Party Display for a Holiday Christmas Engagement Party | Bellenza Wedding Bistro

One cool option for marking your engagement would be to host a modern wine-and-cheese tasting. It’s a wonderful way to get all your guests to mingle and chat as they enjoy the gourmet fare you’ve prepared.

Decorating tips: The home that you’ll celebrate in will probably have holiday decor already “decking the halls”! So we suggest focusing on comfy, welcoming seating like sofas or couches, ottomans, even large stuffed floor pillows to get everyone feeling relaxed and at home. Then, be sure to have surfaces like a coffee table, side tables, or wine trays for guests to set down their plates and wine glasses.

A stylish cheese board with an assortment of knives and spreaders is essential. And of course, elegant wine glasses for all as well as ice buckets for wines that are best served chilled.

Food and drinks: This is a wine-and-cheese tasting party after all! So have a selection of at least 3 or 4 varieties of red and white wine, plus an interesting assortment of hard and soft, sharp and mild cheeses. You may also opt to serve an all-Italian, all-French, or all-German spread, or choose from different places special to the both of you.

Fun activities: Hold an amateur wine and cheese judging among your guests. Have on hand pre-printed checklists of the different qualities to be evaluated per item. Then, at the end, have everyone agree on which wine and cheese pairing best represents you as a couple. All in fun, of course!

Favors to give: Special mementos of the evening could be a set of wine glass charms; a basket with a mini bottle of wine, wedges of cheese, and gourmet crackers; or a small cheese board and knife for each guest to take home.

Pretty chic, don’t you agree? Perfect for an understated, intimate celebration!

There’s more, though. Up next in this series:
– a Holiday Black and Red party set
– a Sparkly Snowflake theme
– a Modern Japanese motif

Join us for each post, and grab some fabulous wintertime party inspiration for celebrating your engagement in style!


  1. You had me at wine haha. I love doing pairings and these are great ideas!

  2. This sounds fun! I have never been to a wine tasting. Thank you for linking up to Party Time and we hope to see you again next week!

  3. Hi there, Valerie! Since you love wine, then this party theme idea should be a great option for the holidays! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hi Jacqui! Now you can consider hosting a wine-tasting party yourself! Have a wonderful Christmas. 🙂

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