Tips for How to Add Pizzazz to Place Frames!

Place frames can actually do more than help seat guests at a reception. They can do double duty as decorative elements for each table. Whatever their role, infuse them with personality and flair using embellishments in keeping with the event’s theme. Here are several interesting ways to accessorize frames with ribbons, flowers, and other accents, while creatively packaging them as keepsakes for guests to take home.

Add Elegance With Ribbons

A bow lends a polished look to any item. For a picture frame with an intricate silver vine border, wrap an ivory satin ribbon around one end and tie it into a petite bow. Neutral colors such as ivory or white give the frame that understated elegance, while allowing it to complement any table setting. If a hint of color is preferred, the palest shades of pink, blue, and yellow also set off a silver frame to advantage. When giving them as favors, arrange these decorated pieces on a receiving table along with a guest book or display them on the table doubling up as a favor table. Instead of merely placing them in straight rows, line them up diagonally or assemble them in an interesting pattern.

Frames decorated with metallic ribbons are set elegantly on a pink satin tablecloth.

An alternative to satin would be metallic ribbons. One in silver can be tied diagonally across a silver frame with a beaded border, their identical colors and sheen creating a seamless look. Position these place frames beside each guest’s place setting or display them on the table set aside for the guest favors. As a deliberate contrast with the metallic frames, lay the favor table with a blush pink satin tablecloth. Then, place a single rose beside each frame.

Say It With an Accent

Gold frames with carved borders receive added drama with a single scarlet rose.

Miniature flowers are another ideal way to add color and texture with very little effort. For frames with a gold finish, in particular, flowers in vivid hues provide a striking contrast. A single scarlet rose placed to one side of a carved frame produces a luxurious, sophisticated look.

Present these frames on an elaborately embroidered tablecloth to convey an equally dramatic look when incorporated as part of a wedding venue’s receiving area.

Use It to Enhance the Table Decor

A pearlescent ivory frame can be made to appear like a gift awaiting each guest. Lay it on top of a pure white napkin, and tie both with an organza ribbon in a subtle shade of pink, blue, cream, or even sheer silver. This elegant frame can also be enhanced with a spray of white silk flowers attached to one corner. A sheer tablecloth embroidered with gold would likewise make a beautiful match for its beaded border.

Play Up the Theme

A frame with a seaside theme finds a perfect partner in a tealight atop a shell candle holder.

In certain cases, a frame’s material, color, or design may suggest a theme or look that can be played up. At a seaside wedding reception, for example, a shell place frame may be set off against a spread of sand and finished with a single miniature conch or fan-shaped shell on one corner. The same frame may also be paired with a tea light in a matching candle holder, its intricate design enhanced by the warm glow. If used as favors, these frames can be artfully arranged on wooden trays filled with sand and pebbles.

Create a Charming Package

Pretty packaging, like this embroidered organza sachet, turns a frame into a special present.

For a wedding with a lavender theme, an ivory frame would make an elegant keepsake presented in a sachet embellished with embroidery and lilac ribbons. It can contain a picture of the bride and groom, marked with the date of the wedding. For an added treat, petite-sized candies can be included in each sachet along with the frame. The perfect display for these frames would be on a table with a chic silver and lilac color palette, ornamented by flowers in varying shades of purple.

Place frames serve both a practical and a decorative function. So they deserve the same creativity and attention to detail as any other element at a wedding celebration. Ribbons, flowers, even tealights can transform them into attractive table accents; while pretty packaging can fittingly present them as creative mementos of the occasion.

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