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Cool and Creative Boxes for Cake and Pie Favors

Apple pie box

Presentation is everything. Well, maybe not quite everything—if what you’re packaging are delicious wedding cake slices or scrumptious mini pies to begin with! But appealing packaging is definitely a must when giving these as your wedding favors. So we’re taking this chance to share 7 cool and creative boxes for your cake and pie goodies. Each a pretty sight holding delicious bites!

Pack it Up Prettily and Creatively!

Chic cake boxes for packaging cakes and pies as favors.

1 – Wedge-shaped confetti boxes – A perfect fit for a slice of pie, these ready-made boxes are prettied up with small round stickers cut in half and with dots of acrylic paint. And there you have ‘bunting’ and ‘confetti’ gift boxes, courtesy of Julep, all ready for giving!

2 – Hand-stamped ‘slide out’ boxes – We just made up this description actually! But seeing this charming packaging idea in a styled wedding shoot on 100 Layer Cake, we thought it would be easily DIY-able using hand stamps on ready-made boxes.

3 – Ready-made pie boxes – ‘Sweetie Pies’ certainly deserve that name when packaged in these ready-to-use mini pie packaging kits from Wedding Star. Perfect for that rustic country wedding!

4 – Lidded pie and tart boxes – Ready for you to personalize as you wish, these kraft-y boxes are available from Steph Modo in both lidded (as shown) and open-top versions. Check out her suggestions for cute customized touches!

5 – Open-topped pie favor boxes – A DIY project featured on Project Wedding, these allow you to show off the treat inside with just a bit of twine and tiny ‘price tags’ for a sweet finish.

6 – Colored boxes as part of your decor – This festive photo from the Ideas Mag gallery caught our eye because of its decorating possibilities. While still at the reception, let your pie boxes pretty up the scene with their color and embellishments, like these cute flaglets!

7 – Kraft cake boxes with handles – Giving slices of frosted wedding cake? Be sure they travel home safely with your guests by using ready-to-assemble ‘totes’ like these from etsy shop Time Four Circle. Love the heart cutout handle!

Now your guests can “have their cake and eat it, too” in packaging that’s as “easy as pie”!


  1. Love the wedge confetti boxes! Great idea to have to go boxes for Thanksgiving :).

  2. Hi Valerie! Yes, aren’t those cute…and so cleverly decorated with colored stickers. Love them, too!

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