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Creative Save the Dates: From Edible to Interactive!

Cool save the dates

Save the dates are one of the wedding components that you can really have fun with! Gone are the days of the simple card announcing the Big Day. Now you have anything and everything, from sweet couple photos to yummy edibles to interactive items, puzzles, and games that challenge guests to discover the cleverly hidden date! Here are 11 of the coolest and most creative ways we found to get everyone excited to mark their calendars.

So Fun and Hip! We Had to Share These Creations

Creative save the dates from playing cards to cookies to pull-out cards

1 – Playing card save-the-dates – Super simple but sure to get attention, this idea we spotted uses playing cards. Select all cards from the hearts suit and wrap a paper strip around each, bearing your wedding date info. Slip into envelopes and send!

2 – Scrabble design cards – The Goodness team created these delightful reversible cards for a real couple who were avid Scrabble players. Love the chic color scheme and modern look of this invitation suite.

3 – Cork cards in wine-stained envelopes – This is a clever DIY project by the couple themselves from Three Little Words Paper.com. For their Napa winery nuptials, they screen-printed their wedding details on sheets of cork shelf liner, then enclosed each card in envelopes with a red wine ‘seal’ on the flap.

4 – ‘Game of Love’ cookies – Adorable and edible! Yes, these game board pieces, spinner, and playing card are actually cookies in a boxed set. We hope guests take note of the date while munching away!

5 – “Jaws” themed pull-out cards – Ingenious and intriguing! But why “Jaws”? We’ll let you read the fun post on Brittney Lee’s blog about their bride-and-groom teamwork on these (she and her now-husband work in film, by the way)! But check out the neat pull-out feature that reveals…an oxygen tank. Why? Re-watch the film, Brittney says!

Image credits:
1 – Brides Magazine UK; 2 – The Goodness; 3 – Three Little Words Paper; 4 – featured on Layered Bake Shop and created by Southern Fried Paper; 5 – Brittney Lee’s blog

Creative save the dates that are fun and interactive

6 – Scratch-off lottery tickets – Truly a ‘winning’ idea! This DIY project is sure to impress your guests.

7 – Vintage-style block puzzle – Such a charming idea inspired by vintage wooden block puzzles! These can be rearranged to complete different puzzles—in this case, the wedding info—printed in a sweet cross-stitch font and glued onto ready-made wooden blocks.

8 – Library card lookalikes – Book lovers? Or having a wedding with a library theme? These replicas of old school library cards would be just the thing for your save-the-dates! Love the use of typewriter font and actual date stamps for that authentic look.

9 – Balloon save-the-dates – We just couldn’t let this idea float away! Absolutely adore the giant balloons’ motif of these save-the-dates; enclosed with each one is an uninflated balloon hiding the wedding info. You have to inflate the balloon to get the details. How cool is that!

10 – “Viewmaster” sets – How fun would this idea be for a nostalgic retro-themed wedding! Your wedding details are incorporated in a custom picture reel that comes packaged with its own Viewmaster. Guests are sure to get a kick out of this one!

Save the date photostrips

11 – Photostrips – If you’re already hooked on Instragram, then you’ll have to grab this idea! Turn your save the date into a photostrip of your Instagram pictures that guests can keep as a bookmark. They’ll never forget the wedding this way!

Image credits:

6 – tutorial via Martha Stewart Weddings; 7 – The Loveliest Day; 8 – Bridesmaid.com; 9 – I Love Southern Weddings; 10 – etsy shop Melangerie, Inc.;11 – Printstagram


  1. Wonderful post! I really dig the Viewmaster idea! Love it 🙂

  2. So glad you like it, Karen! We were actually blown away ourselves by how creative save-the-dates have gotten these days! We just had to create a post to showcase them.

  3. Helen (Recently Engaged)

    I may just have to steal that idea (#5) for my wedding save-the-dates!

  4. Laura (Frustrated Bride 2015)

    It’s me again with the 4th of July wedding next year. Any suggestions for a save-the-date idea?

  5. Helen – Hi! It truly looks fun and eye-catching! We’d love to see your own version! 🙂

    Laura – Hi Laura! We’re always glad to hear from you. You can consider #7 and then use patriotic colors for the blocks. Or you can also go for #11, but the photos should be inspired by 4th of July. Try to go for a really simple shoot where you can have fun with a nice red-blue-white backdrop and add some cute Photobooth props! For our final suggestion, it’s not on the list, but it’s also fun to try to make a Pinwheel invitation using the patriotic colors. It’s unique and fun! Tell us what you think, and hope these suggestions helped! 🙂

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