Edible Fillings for Mason Jars to Make Fall Wedding Favors

Mason jar fillings and supplies for fall wedding favors.

Did someone say fall wedding favors? Then, you’ve got to be thinking of giving edibles featuring well-loved autumn flavors, spices, and sweets! And what more fitting way to package them than in mason jars decorated in rustic, country style? Here are 22 absolutely scrumptious choices, from nuts, trail mix, cookies, popcorn, s’mores, mini pies, and cakes-in-a-jar. Plus we offer more delectable fillings to consider, along with the basic supplies for making your own mason jar wedding favors! (*this post contains affiliate links)

22 Delicious Fall Filling Ideas to Give, Packaged in Mason Jars

There’s something so heartwarming about sending your wedding guests off with autumn season goodies. Especially if they’re presented in charming mason jar packaging. Grab filling and presentation ideas here!

Munchies from Nuts to Popcorn

Popcorn and trail mix fillings for mason jars.

Consider giving your favorite popcorn (1) , mixed nuts (2), apple spice pecans (3), or trail mix (4 – see below) made with almonds, green pumpkin seeds, coconut chips, whole-grain cereal, and chocolate-covered plums! Then, simply spoon these into jars trimmed with tags, jute twine, or chalkboard labels.

Sunsweet trail mix

Mini Baked Treats from Cookies to Pie

Mason jar fillings like cookies, pumpkin pie, and cake in jar.
Pile home-baked pumpkin cookies (5) or the ingredients for your cookie recipe into mason jars, then personalize them with printables. Create the cutest pumpkin-pies-to-go (6) in mini jars, or honey cakes-in-a-jar (7) dressed up with stylish tags and labels.

Chocolate / Candy

Hot cocoa and candies in mason jars

Perfect for chilly fall weather, fill mason jars with DIY hot chocolate mix (8), your choices of fall-inspired candies (9), or ingredients for making s’mores (10). They’ll look so pretty with fabric lid-covers, label toppers, and baker’s twine!

Sources: 1 – Boxwood Clippings / 2 – mixed nuts (affiliate link from Macy’s) / 3 – Diamond hang tags from Evermine / 4 – Sunsweet / 5 – The 36th Avenue / 6 – Mom Dot / 7 – Large oval tags from Evermine / 8 – Elle Puckett Photographer, via The Knot / 9 – Jam Paper / 10 – Atta Girl Says

More Edible Fillings for Mason Jars as Fall Favors

As if the examples above aren’t tempting enough, here are even more ideas from our own posts for delish autumn treats to delight your guests with!

  1. Flavored nuts
  2. Fall-spice treats from sweet to spicy
  3. Apple cider
  4. Artisanal edibles
  5. Maple syrup goodies
  6. Homemade apple favors
  7. Caramel favors
  8. Candy corn
  9. Jam favors
  10. Home-baked cookies
  11. Pretzels
  12. Jordan almonds

Mason Jar Supplies You Will Need

To help you prepare your own mason jar wedding favors, here are the packaging must-haves we recommend.

Ball mason jars

12 Ball Mason Jar with Lid (Regular Mouth – 16 oz) (*affiliate link from Amazon)

Jar lids with twine

Fabric Jar Covers (4″ Scallop Edge, Orange & White Gingham) (*affiliate link from Amazon)

Colorful jar lids

Bormioli Rocco Quattro Stagioni 13-piece Decorative Fabric Jar Cover Kit (Yellow & Green) (*affiliate link from Amazon)

Chalkboard labels

Chalkboard Labels, 40 Premium Waterproof Peel and Stick for Jars (*affiliate link from Amazon)

“Fall in Love” wedding favor stickers

“Fall in Love” wedding favor stickers (*affiliate link from Zazzle)

“The Perfect Blend” square stickers

“The Perfect Blend” square stickers (*affiliate link from Zazzle)

Homemade Pumpkin Gift Tags

Watercolor Homemade Pumpkin Gift Tags (*affiliate link from Zazzle)

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