Go Festive with Mardi Gras Favors and Treats

Mardi Gras Treats and Favors

Bring on the purple, green, and gold! It’s Mardi Gras season! With couples today going for more personal and unconventional wedding themes, having a Mardi Gras motif at your wedding reception is certainly something to consider.

But if you’re a bit hesitant to go all out with the over-the-top decor, you can always bring in the iconic accents of this New Orleans celebration in little doses. Like in the favors for your wedding guests, for instance! You could set up an eye-catching favor display at the reception, and showcase Mardi Gras-themed gifts you’ve chosen and packaged for your guests. Here are some great ideas for what to give that we found on the web!

Celebrate Mardi Gras with these Creative Goodies

Mardi Gras party favors in purple, green, yellow

  1. Okay, we start with these awesome cupcakes! Especially such playful ones as these topsy-turvy cupcakes courtesy of Bakingdom. Love the graduated sizes with the top being a frosted Rolo candy, and everything covered with a sprinkling of edible confetti! Whether you’re a grown-up or a kid, they’re sure to be loved! Check out the great tutorial, too.
  2. You can’t go wrong with cookies either. These festive fleur-de-lis iced cookies by Life’s a Batch, would make a pretty sight indeed on your favor display table. Plus guests would love the chocolate dough underneath the green, yellow, and purple icing!
  3. Don’t forget the cupcake toppers, too! You can find dozens of Mardi Gras-decorated beauties during this season. But for DIY brides out there, this example from Strawberry Hill Candy shows how you can use mask-shaped lollipops as cupcake toppers and they’re ready to give!
  4. Glass charms made with beads and traditional Mardi Gras trinkets of crowns, masks, and fleur-de-lis make great souvenirs of the season! And they’re practical, too. We found these gilded ones on Etsy, and you can give them in pairs or sets of 4 to each guest.
  5. Even delicate, high-end macarons get into the carnival spirit. Just check out these lovely tri-color macarons made especially for Mardi Gras season by Shop Sucre, found via Cake Spy. They come in darling striped boxes of 15, all ready to give!
  6. Looking for delicious munchy fillers for your favor boxes or bags? You can’t go wrong with these nutty toasted sunflower seeds coated with milk chocolate and covered with a candy coating—in carnival colors, of course! Available from Blue Frog Chocolates in New Orleans.
  7. What about party pops inspired by the famed Mardi Gras “King’s Cake”? These festive bite-sized treats were featured on 225Dine and home-made by Honey Loup as part of a bake-off competition. Too bad no recipe was shared!


  1. How much are the flur de lis mardi gras cookies?

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Tracy! Our post credits the source of these amazing cookies, Life’s a Batch. Just click on their link and you may be able to get current pricing for this item. 🙂

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