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Groomsmen Gift Ideas for the Holidays: From Food to Fashion

Ideas for groomsmen gifts

Selecting great groomsmen gifts is always a bit of a challenge. You want to choose items that the gentlemen will appreciate—meaning practical and useful. But you want to avoid giving them more of “the same old, same old,” as they say. So while keeping it practical may seem to narrow the choices down somewhat, you can put a twist on your groomsmen gifts with innovative and stylish presentation. Every time they use your present, they’ll recall the creativity and effort you put into making it a thoughtful memento of your wedding!

Get Inspired with Our Sensible and Stylish Ideas Below:

1. For the Foodie – Think gourmet food and fine wine! Prepare food baskets containing a favorite vintage for the wine connoisseurs in the group. Hint: A nice touch would be to wrap a personalized label around the bottles, with your names and the wedding date. Incorporate food items such as gourmet cheeses and spreads, liver paté, caviar, cheese crackers, plus some chocolate truffles for a sweet accompaniment. You can also include a book about great wine and cheese pairings, various wines from all over the world, or even an introduction to appreciating wines. For something simpler but definitely useful, you may also gift them with wine accessories such as wine bottle openers, wine glass sets, or stylish glass decanters.

2. For the Sports-Minded – It’s game time! While sports-related gift items may seem quite common, present them with a bit of surprise. Use a fancy gift box stuffed with gift-wrapping tissue to hide tickets to an upcoming game of their favorite sports team or alma mater. Use stylish traveling shoe bags or grooming pouches—practical gifts themselves—to give baseball caps, winter scarves, football or basketball jerseys, and t-shirts. You can also order license plate covers, gym bags, or bath towels that are imprinted with team logos or with each groomsman’s initials or surname—but have the gift tags autographed by a current sports great!

3. For the Hobbyist – Finding gifts for groomsmen like these is actually easier because their preferences are so specific. Does the group include one who likes to go sailing on the weekends, one who enjoys hiking in the great outdoors, one who loves a relaxing day of fishing by a lake, or one who’s a total weekend warrior and avid cyclist? Consider gifts that cater to the unique needs and interests of each, and your gift search will be a breeze! Among the options you can look for are: a sailor’s compass, a hiking watch, a year’s subscription to a sportsman’s fishing magazine, a Swiss army knife, or a cyclist’s rehydration kit.

4. For the Total Techie – For those groomsmen who are always on the lookout for the latest tech gadgets, consider gifts such as Ipod® accessories and prepaid iTunes® Gift Cards, video games, cell phone accessories, GPS gadgets, or electronic organizers. Of course, such gifts are sure to be a hit by themselves. But present them with some added pizazz, such as leather cases or sleeves with each man’s initials embossed on them.

5. For the Fashionable – Among your groomsmen may be professional types who are always on the cutting edge of fashion trends. Think of presenting them with a stylish pair of cufflinks in a container for a men’s dresser or valet stand. Or for a more casual spin, prepare a fun display of men’s silk ties—made to look like a chessboard with the ties as clever chess pieces! [See our article on this unique presentation idea.] Other fashionable gift options would be men’s cologne, leather wallets, trendy key chains, money clips, or even a subscription to a men’s fashion magazine for the truly fastidious dresser.

Other ideas that you may want to consider:

Still in doubt about what to give your groomsmen? Well, you can always fall back on old “reliables” as gifts. Think “easy to find” and “universally usable”! For instance, you can’t go wrong with accessories for the gentleman’s desk such as photo frames, desk clocks, or elegant pen sets. For those with a taste for the literary and musical, you could show your thoughtfulness with books by their favorite author or a hard-to-find edition; music CDs of artists from your younger days together, or DVDs of great film classics. And if all else fails—or if time runs out—you can choose gift certificates from an establishment you know they’d love to shop at!

When all is said and done, it’s still true that “it’s the thought that counts.” Any of these gifts take on a special meaning because of the care you devote to selecting the right item to suit each groomsman. Accompany each gift package, then, with a heartfelt or even humorous note of appreciation. Even grown men love a “thank you”!


  1. My fiance and I have been planning the groomsmen gifts, but all we see are liquor flasks, cigars, and koozies. C’mon, who really uses those things now? I find this article very helpful! Thank you.

    Mark & Mellisa
    Summer 2010

  2. For our groomsmen, we are going to budget our gifts to $50 per person. You see, we have 8! I am tired of seeing flasks, etc. so we are going to give each one of them a gift card from American Express. I think this is more practical as a whole because they can buy whatever they want. Plus, I don’t have worry about what to buy them!

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