Petit Fours: Dainty Wedding Treats as Favors for Guests!

 Petit Fours to Give as Wedding Favors

Petit fours are the sweetest little confections, both literally and in terms of cuteness. So prettily frosted and decorated, they make for an irresistible wedding dessert display at your reception. Plus their bite-size design makes them a favorite for easy and classy serving at events. No slicing needed. Just pick up and enjoy!

And so it goes without saying, they are an ideal choice to give as edible wedding favors. Just choose from the recipes below, add creative favor packaging to suit your wedding theme, and they’re ready to give.

(A bit of trivia: The French name petit four has nothing to do with the numeral four! It refers to the “small oven” that was the cooled down state of the stone ovens once used for baking these tiny treats. Makes these lovely mini cakes sound extra fancy, though, don’t you think?)

Recipes for Petit Fours to Give as Favors

From adorable to elegant, petit fours are instantly appealing. So the decision points for choosing from these recipes would be maybe your fave flavor, a shade of frosting you love, or a topping or garnish that has a special meaning for your wedding. Come take a look!

Petit Fours from Almond to Buttercream Frosting

1 – Petit Fours with Raspberry Jam Filling and White Chocolate Frosting – From Los Angeles-based baker and blogger John Kanell of Preppy Kitchen, this recipe is full of helpful tips if you plan to homebake your wedding favors.

2 – Apricot Petits Fours – These bite-sized citrus cakes from Betty Crocker are drizzled with a sweet apricot icing. Sliced almonds and tiny twists of orange peel form charming flower toppers.

3 – Almond Petit Fours – Any base cake recipe of your choice would do. But in this image we spotted via Swans Down, it’s the edible flower petals on top that would make your favors eye-catching indeed!

4 – All-occasion Petit Fours – Made with a vanilla sponge cake base featuring almond marzipan, these charmers from A Little Loveliness are dressed in the prettiest tints of dipping chocolate. Then decorated with free-hand piped designs.

5 – No-bake Lemon Glazed Petit Fours – You get to cheat a little to make these fun little treats. Crazy Kitchen Mom used frozen pound cake cute to size, then fresh lemon juice to flavor the sunny yellow glaze.

6 – Cream Cheese Petit Fours with Buttercream Frosting – This version is a sturdy yet soft pound cake made with cream cheese, then coated with a special buttercream formulation from Sugar Spun Run. Colorful rosette toppers are made with open-star frosting tips.

So there you have it! Six choices for making the prettiest edible favors, and sending guests off with sweet memories of your wedding!