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Saving the Planet with Eco-Friendly Bridal Shower Favors

Eco-friendly favors

We’ve all got the good of the planet on our minds. And brides-to-be like you are no exception. So why not take a stand for Mother Earth even in your choice of bridal shower favors? Don’t worry. No longer does eco-friendly mean purely rustic, organic, or—dare we say it?—cheap. Just take a look at our favor ideas below. Tasteful, stylish, and downright delightful…while still being useful, easy on the budget, and “environmentally correct” besides! And did we mention that you could make many of them yourself? Ready to save the planet? Let’s do it with eco-friendly spring favors!

Eco-friendly Favor Ideas for Spring to DIY

Leaf and mini pots favors

1. Favor Accents – Vintage-style fabric brooches make charming giveaways at a fashion-themed bridal shower. No need for new materials here, as they can be made from old scarves, handkerchiefs, ribbons, even cloth remnants from past sewing projects or altered clothes. At the party, present these brooches either perched atop each guest’s place setting, or as whimsical blooms in tiny vases (see Idea #6 below).

2. Mini Flower Pots – For the sweetest memento of a bridal shower with a garden theme, it’s hard to beat mini flowerpots or faux flowers in pails brimming with ivory fabric roses. Without sacrificing any actual flowers, these lovely bouquets bloom on and on for your guests to enjoy long after the party is over. Plus, they can even serve as your place card holders—with leaf-shaped cards, of course—before being taken home.

3. Reusable Place Frames – If it’s a look of casual opulence you’re aiming for, antique-style gold frames are the perfect solution to set the tone. Surrounded by eco-chic table accents—a seed table number, cork coasters, corn husk plate chargers—these frames go effortlessly from the bridal shower place settings to each guest’s dresser or desk top, with a photo of this happy occasion.

DIY eco-friendly spring favors from bottles to used gift wraps

4. Recyclable Gift Packaging – Your favor packaging can be an Earth-friendly statement as well. Here, we’ve created fun, eye-catching mosaic wraps from old newspapers, gift wrappers, and colored magazines. Inside them can be your choice of gift items, baked goodies, or favorite sweets that you’re sure your shower guests will love!

5. Fabric Favor Bags – A nest of raffia twine makes a delightful favor display at an organic or country-theme bridal shower party. Especially when the favors are fragrant potpourri, aromatic cooking herbs, toss petals, biodegradable confetti, or packets of flowering seeds tucked into dainty embroidered pouches.

6. Crafty Bottles – Empty perfume or medicine bottles take on a quaint charm with decoupage. All it takes is some vintage-look paper cutouts, white craft glue, and a little creativity. Stand a fabric brooch in each one, and have these bottles serve as “place flower” holders at your bridal shower. At home, guests may use them as petite vases for a single bloom, or even as pretty paperweights (filled with sand)!

Re-usable boxes and wraps.

7. Eco-friendly Favor Containers – It’s your favor packaging that can go eco-friendly. Heart-shaped favor boxes woven from sinamay are ideal for giving odd-shaped or bulky favor items. Choose from your favorite edibles like cookies, chocolates, nuts, or dried fruits; or scented items like mini soaps, bath beads, drawer sachets, or fragrant wood shavings. Pop them into these boxes, and match the natural look with corn husk thank-you tags. See more of this idea at our fondue party.

8. Ornamental Light Bulbs – Old light bulbs guest favors? Don’t laugh! Once they’re all sparkly and glittery with colored glass beads, they make one-of-a-kind Christmas ornaments just perfect for a holiday-time bridal shower. To give as party gifts, simply wrap them in sheer organza in different colors and tie on beaded favor tags.

Downloadable Favor Tags with an Eco-Friendly Theme

Whether you attach these tags to a sachet, a bottle, or a wrap, adding a personalized message always conveys a special thought and meaning to guests.

Favor Tags with an Eco-Friendly Theme

Download Eco-Friendly Themed Favor Tags – PDF

More Ideas for Eco-Friendly Favors

Delight your bridal shower guests with other creative favor ideas like these:

1. Wind chimes crafted from ceramic fragments – Pieces of a broken mug, saucer, or cup can make sweet tinkling sounds when strung on natural twine or a length of ribbon.

2. Pencil holders made from recycled containers – Choose soda or soup cans, jam jars, or wide-mouthed bottles with attractive or iconic designs. Reminder: Package them with pencils included, so guests won’t think you’re giving them junk!

3. Flower vases created from wine bottles – Leave the labels on for that authentic look, and simply hang a tin favor tag around each bottle’s neck. Or peel the labels off and handpaint pretty designs on each bottle—creating a unique piece for each guest.

4. Decorative “artworks” taken from old calendars – Choose images from outdated calendars—beautiful scenery, famous landmarks, animals, flowers—and mount them on cardboard frames. On each “artwork,” write an amusing, endearing, or meaningful dedication to the guest it’s meant for.

5. Cork-made drink coasters – Got a bundle of unused wine corks just lurking at home? Wait, don’t throw them away! Use them as material for making coasters. For a pretty presentation, package them up in lovely, reusable fabric bags. See our DIY tutorial how to make these coasters.

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  1. Aside from your fab favor and packaging ideas, I noticed how creative all your favor tags are! Are all leaf shaped, but each one has a different great look. Kudos!

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