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Scoop it Up! Trail Mix Favors with Chic Packaging

Trail mix bags with tags

Trail mix as wedding favors? Who would have thought this possible, back in the days of giving Jordan almonds in silver baskets? Well, with a growing number of today’s weddings being casual affairs held in the forested outdoors, with rustic decor and themes like boho, country western, glamping, and eco-chic, trail mix actually makes a wonderful option. And to present this healthy treat prettily for the occasion, here are 9 easy and attractive packaging options that would be just perfect! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Trail Mix Perfect for Fall Wedding Favors

To prepare your trail mix favors, consider these packaging materials from bags to favor tags and labels:

  1. Jars and bottles – A definite favorite would be mini mason or canning jars, and jam or jelly bottles. They show off the yummy contents, making a great favor display at the wedding. Plus, the jars and bottles themselves can be reused by guests back home.
  2. Paper bags – Kraft bags and humble brown paper bags have found their place in the wedding world! They can be prettied up with stamping or paper doilies, or personalized with custom stickers or labels.
  3. Organic pouches – In keeping with the rustic vibe, little pouches made of muslin, jute, sinamay, or burlap are just perfect. (Tip: Best to scoop the trail mix into clear cello bags first, if you’re unsure about the pouches’ food safety!)
  4. Boxes, baskets, or cones – Woven boxes, mini baskets, and even paper cones would make great take-home containers. Simply trim them with twine, raffia, or burlap strips for that organic look.
  5. Fabric toppers – Bottled trail mix provides the perfect opportunity to bring in some really charming fabric toppers. Think gingham, western bandana, plaid, paisley, or polka dots!
  6. Tags – The perfect finishing touch would be your favor tags. You can go with personalized photo tags, eco-friendly kraft paper cards, or those customizable online printables that you can match with your wedding theme or palette. Some popular phrases include “happy trails” printed on a label (*affiliate link via Amazon). See below:

Happy trails label

Savory, Spicy, Salty, or Sweet Trail Mix Favors

Pick a savory, spicy, salty, or sweet mix that suits your palette! Try these flavor ideas:

  1. Savory – pick hickory smoked BBQ nuts, garlic nuts, or cheese flavored nut mixes
  2. Spicy – pick jalapeno, Sriracha, Cajun, or wasabi flavored nuts.
  3. Salty – pick simple roasted salt nut mixes or soy-flavored ones
  4. Sweet – pick chocolate covered nuts or honey or maple candied nuts

LOOKING TO CRAFT YOUR OWN TRAIL MIX BAR? See HOW-TO: Create a Trail Mix Bar at Your Wedding!

Trail mix favors in jars and bags

Image Credits:
1 – Bandana toppers via Texas Cottage Blog; 2 – Kraft bags via Bridalhood (now Hitched in the Hood); 3 – Gingham toppers via Libby James Blog; 4 – Muslin pouches via Organically You Events; 5 – Mesh pouches via Inspired By This (photography: Miki Duisterhof); 6 – Fall tags via Make Bake Celebrate

You may also want to check some more fabulous ideas. Photo tags via The Knot, “Happy Trails” tags via Destination Weddings, and stamped paper bags via Pursuit of Healthfulness!

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