Stylish Packaging for Wrapping the Sweetest Favors and Gifts

Favor packaging

Selecting great guest favors is challenging enough. But coming up with the perfect packaging can speak tons about your style and creativity. Whether you’re baking up a sweet batch of cookies for your reception or putting together a scented mix of potpourri for your engagement dinner, let these fabulous packaging tips serve as your guide. You’ll love how doable simple-to-stylish packaging can be!

#1 Fancy fabric wraps – Planning to give treats in bottles or jars as your guest favors, or loose items like chestnuts, dried cranberries, granola mix, coffee beans, or a candy-and-chocolates mix? You can’t beat these colored organza wraps for ease, versatility, and instant glam. >> View this item.

Packaging pluses:
– no crafting expertise needed (anyone can tie a bow!)
– the wraps’ colors can match any theme, motif, or color scheme
– their satiny sheen and crystal-tipped ribbon-ties spell instant elegance
– perfect for wrapping odd-shaped gifts such as a candle or shell tray

#2 Dainty embroidered sachets – Hoping to give your bridesmaids’ lunch a homey touch by baking your own favors? Go ahead and prepare iced sugar cookies in pretty wedding-symbol shapes. Then pop them into embroidered pouches of sheer organza for the perfect feminine touch. >> View this item.

Packaging pluses:
– these sachets give even home-baked treats a professional finish
– the sheer fabric allows you to show off the goodies you’re giving
– their floral embroidery and matching pearl-tipped satin ribbons are oh-so-pretty!
– once taken home, they’ll be great as: trinket holders, sachets for drawer-freshening scented gel beads, or mini make-up pouches for evening bags

#3 Woven gift boxes – When it comes to shape, color, and material, these fuchsia-colored sinamay heart boxes are sure packaging winners. They’re perfect for giving bulky edible favors such as meringues, Macaron de Paris, or hearty oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in chic style! >> View this item.

Packaging pluses:
– just finish each box with a pretty bow and it’s ready to give or make it colorful with an organza fabric
– the open weave gives guests a hint of the treats inside…perfect if you opt to give scented favors like soaps or potpourri instead
– the baskets’ varied colors and switch-able lids allow you to go monochromatic, contrasting, or even multi-colored for your favor packaging
– their second life: as dresser-top potpourri holders, make-up boxes, or jewelry keepers

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