Vintage Keys as Wedding Escort Cards, Place Cards, and Favors

Vintage keys as favor ideas

“Key to Your Heart” “Key to Your Seat” “Happy Marriage Keys” These are just some of the clever ways that vintage keys have found their way into weddings—from escort card accents, to place card holders, to special keepsakes. If you’re looking for unique ideas for how to include these in your own nuptials, read on! We have inspiration from actual weddings and accessory shops, plus some where-to-buy (or rent!) links.

Ways to Use Vintage Keys at Your Wedding

Also called skeleton keys (does anyone know why?!) or antique keys, these add such a romantic touch to the wedding scene. Hoping to use authentic ones? You can scour your favorite antique shops, vintage stores, or even estate sales. But if you don’t mind ‘new old’ keys, simply order online!

Unlock the possibilities with vintage keys! They're perfect as favors that double up as place cards. See the fab finds at the Wedding Bistro at Bellenza.

Unique Favors – These antique-style keys make lovely keepsakes on their own. But they also have some practical variants, like these skeleton key bottle openers (1)! Mini keys can also be given as pendants or charms to the lady guests, while larger ones with a bronze finish can be given as paper weights to the gents.

Escort Cards on Display – Easily the most popular use of vintage keys at weddings is as accents for escort cards. They make such a pretty sight displayed at the reception: presented in carved white frames (2), dangling from an arrangement of tree branches (3), hooked onto window shutters (4), or pinned to a framed cork board (5).

Charming Place Card Holders – What perfect props for place cards at this Versailles-inspired wedding (6): vintage keys and antique pin cushions! Just the thing, too, for themes like vintage travel, Victorian tea party, shabby chic, or Marie Antoinette.

Vintage Keys for Rent! – A guestbook or loose cards are usually how guests leave their wishes and messages for the newlyweds. But with these ‘Happy Marriage Keys’ (7) that we stumbled upon, the couple is able to rent a whole set of keys with wishing cards attached—then return the keys afterwards!

Where to buy vintage / skeleton keys? Try sites like these:

The Journey’s End etsy shop

The Knot Shop

Trees of Lace etsy shop

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